Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vansh Is Outraged

The Daily episode begins with Vansh requesting going to we both be comfortable on this sofa. Riddhima states its not a regular marriage, I could’t distribute the bed with you.

He goes towards her. He states you’re forgetting that I m Vansh Raisinghania. She pushes him far away. Ishq mein marjawa….plays….. She states your regulations & enforce going to work (5) on remaining, not me. He requests what enforce, I has been just taking this sheets.

I don’t have a habit to make my bed, so gratitude, I also don’t distribute my bed with any stranger. He goes.

She occupies the bed. Vansh states thorough gentleman, you watch. She goes to sleep. She turns far away. He sleeps. She imagines this night is each lady’s dream, I m with someone for the 1 whom I loved, what’s there for me, just a plenty of pain.

Kabir is upset. Sid comes & states sorry Sir, I really know you’re passing through a plenty of pain, you couldn’t safeguard her, you lost her. Kabir states no, I don’t believe this marriage, its just a part of mission, she’s doing what I informed her.

Riddhima states Vansh going to gain punished for his own error, I dreamt of my marriage, I assure Kabir, Vansh going to be under detain shortly.

Its in the morning, Riddhima takes a bath & comes. She dries her hair. She imagines it’ll be a new begin. She gets prepared. Vansh wakes up & comes to support her. She states I’ll manage, what are you doing. He steps far away.

He states I’ll be with you like a shadow. He goes. She states I think I got (1) Shera, I’d were with Kabir as of now, however your end is close. Riddhima prays. Dadi requests Vansh won’t he take (2) elders’ blessings. Riddhima sees him. They take (2) Dadi’s blessings.

Anupriya states mom’s blessing means blessing of overall home. Dadi requests Vansh to make Riddhima wear the ancestral bangle. Riddhima states its not required. Dadi states its our rituals. Vansh makes her wear bangles. Dadi states its your 1st day, its Janmashtami, I’ve made butter for Kanha.

Riddhima states it appears to be you like this festival a lot. Dadi states a lot, I wish to have bhajan & Rasleela, however it doesn’t happen these days, you’ll make kheer for Kanha & Vansh, right. Riddhima states I didn’t make kheer before, I won’t really know it.

Anupriya states you’ve becomes bahu of this home, why to gain scared of little things, come. Dadi requests her to take (2) Riddhima to kitchen. Anupriya states I may never give you a place of my bahu, however I trust Vansh’s call, I could’t tolerate anybody breaking his own trust, D’souza going to support you.

Ishani requests Riddhima to make kheer alone. Riddhima states sure. Ishani gets rude. Mrs. D’souza is dragged by a rope & took to Vansh. Anupriya states let Riddhima fulfil the rasam.

Riddhima begins creating kheer. She hears Vansh shouting. She maintains the gas stove on & goes. Vansh scolds Mrs. D’souza for going to the backyard, he didn’t give permission to anybody. She apologizes & cries.

She states I did the error unknowingly. He states just how dare you break my trust, you did numerous favors on me, else I’d have died you, I could give you a opportunity to live, however not a place to live here, gain out. She states forgive me, I don’t need to go.

Riddhima states Vansh please…. Vansh shouts don’t….. She imagines what’s within the backyard.

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