Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Tabeezi’s Surprising News

The Daily daily episode starts with Roshni seeing a couple & imagining Aman with her. She smiles. Khanna states you have played for a week, its your salary. Shayari states although, I want a mo’s salary. He states in complaint Rehan fired you, you had have got (1) (1) a mo salary, although you have resigned, you will gain a week’s salary. Aman takes breakfast for Roshni

. Tabeezi stops him & states Roshni is sleeping. She shouts & states I m getting dizzy. Aman appeals are you fine. She states I feel dizzy these days, we will go out, I feel suffocated here.

He takes her out. She thinks just come soon Roshni. Rehan thinks of Shayari & states am I doing some fault.

He calls Khanna & states stop Shayari, I need to talk to her. Khanna stops Shayari & states Sir wants to talk to you. Rehan drinks the coffee. His own own eye colour shifts. Dadi appeals what happened.

Tabeezi states I was feeling dizzy. Dadi gets a call & puts on speaker. The human states doctor’s appointment is confirmed.

Dadi appeals whose appointment is that. The human states Mrs. R Khan. Aman sees Tabeezi & states I m not blaming you. Tabeezi states I was going to say. Aman states you’re carrying, congratulate her. Dadi appeals just just how can this happen. Tabeezi states no….

Dadi states you didn’t tell us. Tabeezi states I just got (1) (1) to actually really know now. Aman appeals what. He takes Tabeezi with him. Shayari appeals when going to he come, I can’t wait. Khanna states Sir would be coming. Natasha takes the coffee cup.

She states you actually really know I was hiding here, you will gain senses in Five mins & afterwards you will forget everything. Shayari goes to Rehan’s cabin. She sees Natasha sitting in his own own lap.

Natasha appeals can I help you. Shayari signs no & goes to Khanna. She appeals Khanna to go & see Rehan’s imp work (5) (5). Natasha sees the mark on Rehan’s neck. She states now see Rehan baby, what I accomplish with you.

Tabeezi states I got (1) (1) stuck. Aman states I will come with you. Tabeezi states Aman may see Roshni there, I have to tell her. She calls Roshni. Nurse states its not allowed to talk on phone. Roshni disconnects. Rehan comes to senses & states Shayari…

Natasha states you were sleeping. He states I was feeling dizzy, I had to go to Shayari. She states she left the job. He appeals just just how did she go in complaint she was a jinn shikari. Shayari eats chat & cries. She complains about Rehan.

The human appeals her not to cry. She states its spicy, I m not crying. He states don’t leave the job, tell him to fire you. She gets happy. Aman appeals Tabeezi to come. Tabeezi sees Roshni going to the reception. She shouts Aman & turns him far far away.

Roshni sees Aman. Natasha states I actually really know your secret, now I will actually really know your weakness. Tabeezi appeals who is he. Aman states doctor. She appeals what’s that.

He states stethoscope. Roshni hides. Tabeezi signs her to go. Roshni goes. Tabeezi retains him busy. He states I actually really know you’re nervous, don’t worry, I m with you. She states that’s why I m nervous.

Roshni worries. Khanna states Aman has sent this envelope for you, he said just you can watch this, its confidential. Rehan checks Farhan’s pics. He states he isn’t answering my calls from four mos, who is this lady with him, I need to locate her. The lady is seen.

Tabeezi appeals Aman to go & attend the call. Aman states its Rehan’s call. Tabeezi goes to meet doctor. Aman doesn’t see Roshni. Roshni comes to doctor’s cabin & meets Tabeezi. She appeals what are you doing here. Tabeezi states I will tell you. Aman appeals did you see the pics of a corporate event.

Rehan states Farhan is with a lady, can we gain additional pics to gain this lady. Aman states no, we don’t have pics. Rehan states that lady is having an unique umbrella. Aman states maybe we reach her by finding that umbrella. Shayari is the lady. She comes to office.

Tabeezi appeals Roshni to gain tests completed. Doctor appeals Aman to come in. Aman states actually, she’s getting old. Doctor states she’s quite young, any way, come in & give her strength during the test. Tabeezi appeals what shall I accomplish now.

Roshni states magical door. Tabeezi states yes. She goes utilizing the door. Roshni covers her face.

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