Kumkum Bhagya 12 August 2024 Episode Written Update: Aaliya And Rhea Make Plan With Sanju To Ruin Prachi’s Image Yet Again

The Daily daily episode starts with Aaliya & Rhea coming to Sanju & appeals him to accomplish their own own work (5) (5). She appeals him to steal the money & once the money is stolen, we will blame Prachi. Sanju reports that he’s not mad to ruin her image & appeals what is his own own advantage?

Aaliya reports Rhea that he can’t accomplish this. Sanju reports hat he’d come as Rhea called him. Rhea appeals him to hear her Buji carefully. She appeals her to let her speak to Sanju & clear to him. Aaliya goes. Sanju advices her to change her Buji & states she will be happy always.

Rhea states whatever Buji was reporting was for your advantage, in complaint you don’t accomplish this afterwards Ranbir & Prachi going to gain married infront of your eyes. Maya calls Ranbir. Ranbir picks the call & is driving the car.

Maya imparts call to Dushyant. Dushyant appeals him when is he coming home to pick Maya to take (2) (2) her to marriage. Ranbir reports that he’s not coming there as he’s to pick Prachi & go with her to some professional work (5) (5). He reports that the work (5) (5) is quite important.

Dushyant states ok & ends the call. Maya gets upset. Dushyant appeals in complaint she’s doubtful that Ranbir is not going for professional work (5) (5).

Rhea appeals in complaint he will not gain anything to gain Prachi. Sanju reports that you had reported me that Ranbir was telling his own own mom about his own own relationship. Rhea states we have to make those talks end. Sanju reports that God has sent Maya & got (1) (1) Ranbir trap.

He states else Prachi would have got (1) (1) married to Ranbir. Rhea appeals him to steal money from Prachi’s home so that her image gets ruined infront of Ranbir & his own own family (4) (4). Abhi comes there.

Rhea & Sanju gain stunned. Sanju hides. Abhi appeals Rhea in complaint she didn’t go to marriage. Rhea states no. Abhi looks back. Sanju is hiding & thinks of Abhi beating him on the bridge. Abhi senses someone presence & is about to watch. Rhea sneezes to divert his own own attention. Sanju thinks he’s to steal in Prachi’s home for his own own advantage, he thinks today they will meet & he will fall in love with her. Prachi gets up in the night & thinks of Sarita behen’s words.

She locates someone hiding & beats him. The human is Ranbir. Sanju brings the goons & reports that they have to steal 10 lakhs from here & shall divide between the Two equally.

They ask what he will gain afterwards? Sanju reports that he’s rich & doesn’t need money, he’d come here to gain his own own bhabhi. Ranbir reports Prachi that he was missing her & was worried for her, in complaint she reached home safely ((or)) not.

Prachi appeals in complaint he don’t have phone & appeals in complaint Maa sees you afterwards what she will think.She states Maa going to break my legs & going to pull your cheeks. Rhea calls Sanju & reports that she had to go with Dad & appeals in complaint the money is stolen. Sanju states theft is completed, I’d come to gain icecream for you.

He reports that he went to steal the mount. Pragya knocks on the door & appeals in complaint she’s fine. Prachi states she’s fine. Pragya reports that someone is as of now in her room. Prachi states there is nobody & falls on Ranbir. She appeals him to hide.

Pragya reports that there is someone in the room & checks in the room. Prachi reports that there is nobody. Sarita behen comes & appeals why there is light on? Prachi closes the window. Pragya states in complaint someone comes here utilizing window. Ranbir is still hiding behind the window. Rhea calls Ranbir to inform him, although he doesn’t pick her call.

Dimpy comes & hugs Rhea. Rhea appreciation her for her support. Dimpy appeals what did you think about Ranbir? Sanju tries to open the window & uses the tools.

Prachi appeals Ranbir to leave. Ranbir states I want to say you something & states I….SubhanAllah plays. Prachi appeals what? Shahana calls her. Prachi switches off the lights & appeals Ranbir to accomplish howmework next time.

He thinks he couldn’t tell Prachi that he loves Ranbir. Sanju opens the window & sees Ranbir’s backside & thinks Rhea gave the theft work (5) (5) to someone else. He calls Rhea, although she doesn’t pick the call.

The goon reports that whoever steals money first going to gain it. Sanju laughs & states you’re reporting right. Shahana reports that her sleep is disturbed. She reports that she will not sleep in Sarita bahen’s room. Prachi thinks who could be the person.

Sarita behen appeals Shahana to sleep in Prachi’s room. Prachi thinks in complaint Ranbir has gone ((or)) not & thinks in complaint Shahana sees her.

afterwards she will taunt me. She appeals Shahana in complaint she saw cockroach killing bottle & reports that there was 4 big cockroaches near her bed. Shahana states she will sleep with Sarita behen.

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