Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudra Is Put To Test

The Daily episode begins with Saransh informing maybe Ayaan’s dad got (1) scared. Ayaan states my dad isn’t scared of anybody. He comes with his own dad. Everybody gets stunned seeing the boxer. Saransh & Ayaan present their own dads & challenge. Rudra gets down the ring.

Prisha requests him to think again. Saransh states just how could you say this. Rudra states I’ll fight, its regarding Saransh’s respect, Prisha is a doctor & could cure me. Prisha states I m a gynac. She wishes him all this finest. Rudra goes for the fight with Indravir. Rudra gets punched on his own face. He falls down & gets dizzy.

He gets up. Indravir beats him red & blue. Ayaan smiles. Prisha gets her Sr.’s call. He states you proved me unfair, you’ve hidden the big incident, I got (1) to really know from Rahul, he informed me everything, you’d put his own spouse & baby’s lives in danger, you gave unfair medicine to Neerja, I won’t permit such a error, hospital (3) committee going to locate regarding the issue, you’re discontinued for 2 weeks, in case you’re in error, afterwards your licence going to be revoked.

She states Neerja & her baby are fine, I’ve apologized to Rahul.

He requests her to talk to committee. She states what to accomplish, shall I tell Rudra, no, there going to be a big drama, Balraj going to be upset. Rudra gets beat up. Prisha requests him to block it as of now. Saransh requests him to leave the match. Ayaan states my dad is the strongest. Rudra states no, I’ll fight this match. He fights with Indravir.

Indravir bashes him up. Prisha worries. Rudra recalls Saransh. Yeh hai chahatein…plays… Rudra falls down. Everybody worries for him. Prisha cries & requests him to gain up. Saransh states gain up. Rudra tries to gain up. Referee counts. Ahana states game completed.

Mishka states maybe Rudra too. Saransh requests Rudra to utilize his own formula. Rudra gets up. He falls in Indravir’s ft. Indravir laughs. Rudra ties up his own shoe laces.

He gets up. Indravir comes ahead & falls down. Rudra gets over him & beats him up. Indravir defends. Rudra overpowers him. Ayaan requests his own dad to beat Rudra. Indravir falls down. Referee counts. Ayaan requests him to gain up. Indravir doesn’t gain up. Referee announces Rudra as the champion. Rudra & everybody smile. Rudra gets the trophy.

Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays… Rudra imparts the trophy to Saransh & hugs him.

Saransh requests who’s the strongest, tell me, my Rudra is the strongest. Prisha smiles. Gopal states Vasu, they’re so happy, I m glad that Prisha wedded Rudra, not Yuvraj, I misunderstood him. Vasu states Rudra wedded Prisha & troubled her, I scolded him. Gopal states he appears to be a blessing, no real dad could accomplish this for Saransh, he takes care of Prisha also.

Mishka states Rudra got (1) much beat up for Saransh’s sake. Ahana imagines its time to locate out Prisha’s fact. Rudra is now in pain. Prisha requests him to sit quiet.

She does the aid. They’ve a moment. Yeh hai chahatein…plays… She requests him to apply the ointment. He requests her to apply it, she’s a doctor.

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