Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Preeto slaps Soham for not taking care of Heer

The daily episode begins with eunuchs are reaching Heer & clapping.  Heer takes amount from Soham’s wallet & imparts it to them however they don’t take (2) it.  On seeing such behaviour, Heer states that her Gulabo habituated to say that you persons accomplish such a thing sometimes to scare citizens.  However she’s not afraid of them.

Kareena states she don’t feel afraid however she should were disgusted by them.  Heer states no in all & hugs Kareena.  Kareena become amazed & emotional.  Heer states you citizens are cute.  Kareena states that someone demonstrated such love first time & she requests her not to give amount however to feed them ice cream.

Heer states she could’t go to the ice cream shop because her leg is wound.  Kareena states that they’ll take (2) her there.  Preeto is nervous & inquire why Heer hasn’t come yet.  Harak tries to calm her down.  However Preeto weeps bitterly.

Harak informs Preeto that Heer has gone with her brother & going to be back in a awhile.  That’s when Rohan comes inside the home.  Preeto requests him regarding Heer.  Rohan requests whether she didn’t come house.

He states that Shano calls him to fetch gram flour & when he comes back with gram flour, Heer wasn’t there, he imagined that Heer may have come house.  Preeto requests Shano why she named.  Shano states because she only inquired to make Kadhi & there has been no gram flour that is why. Afterwards Preeto runs out of the home & Hark & Rohan follow her.

Heer notices that the lady selling the ice cream is wearing a quite costly ring.  She recalls that once before, someone had put drug in her ice cream & she lost her senses.  She looks in the face of the ice cream lady & locates that she too is a eunuch.
She realises that something is unfair & tries to flee from there.  However the eunuch catches her.  Heer requests why are they doing this to her, what did she accomplish unfair.  Kareena states that she’ll answer this shortly.  Heer requests them to leave her however they doesn’t listen to her.  Afterwards Malika approaches there to support Heer.  She informs them to let Heer go.  She rejects.
Heer requests why is she treating her like this.  Malika informs her because Kareena is Soumya’s largest enemy.  Malika states her enmity is with Soumya & she must let Heer go.  However Kareena doesn’t agree.

Afterwards, in anger, Malika throws colour in her eyes & her eyes begin burn.  & Malika saves Heer from there.  Here Preeto & the rest of the family (4) also locate Heer & Malika & inquire Heer that she’s fine?  Heer states yes.  Preeto requests her just how she had come here.

Heer informs her just how Soham took her here.  Preeto afterwards informs her to go house & when Heer leaves, Preeto informs Malika regarding Soham & Shano’s strange behaviour.  Afterwards Malika & Preeto schedule for Heer’s safety.

Parmeet is requesting Gurminder to accomplish a parikrama with the pots & Virat is regarding to enter the home.  Soham arrives in the home & wonders in case everybody locates out that Heer is missing.  Afterwards Heer requests Soham where he went.  Soham is stunned to watch her & Preeto slaps him for not taking care of Heer. Daily episode end.

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