Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23 March 2024 Episode: Prerna Meets Sneha

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23rd March 2024 Episode Written Update: Prerna Meets Sneha.

The daily episode begins with a woman. She moves to sit on the seat. Prerna asks the driver about the afternoon and is about the road. The driver says its Ekadashi, an auspicious day.

She thinks how is it when I had been with my daughter now, she could not endure for days, a day once I dropped my daughter, she’d have been eight years old. The car stops. Prerna is gone to by the balloon. The woman goes to select the balloon. Prerna smiles visiting the balloon.

The woman gets in the vehicle. Its balloon is said by her, you may keep it if you prefer it. Prerna states no. The woman says that the balloon is amazing. Prerna claims this seems like you.

The woman says I left my buddy, its balloon it, it is possible to take it if you would like. Prerna asks did you come here. The woman claims that the store is mine. Prerna says alright, I’ll purchase this balloon.

The woman says if you prefer you may keep it, I enjoy you. Prerna asks what is your own age. 8 decades the woman says. Prerna seems on. Komolika states I pick enemies and my friends, my enemies are punished by me, Anurag and Prerna’s relation broke, off that orphanage did not burn, I gave the nurse her and took the woman.

FB reveals Komolika asking the nurse and giving the cash. She believes what can I do, I was fearful. She says I’m glad that the woman is not alive, I have spared from your sin. She moves from this room.

The woman runs to the. She states Maasi… She is asked by the woman. The woman says after completing the job you’ll find the hug, I met with a woman, she was beautiful, I gave Naina’s balloon to her, balloon had been made finest by me, I’d worked hard. The woman states on your own sight and laughs.

The woman is hugged by her. Prerna believes I was never brought by balloon, I’m feeling attached for that woman and the balloon. She reaches the workplace. She goes and retains the balloon in the vehicle.

Anurag is flown into by the balloon. He believes Sneha, she needed to proceed with Prerna, although I could not keep her with me, ” I wish I could see you. The balloon is taken by him. Driver sees the balloon.

Komolika states Nivedita, in case you had any sense you pass the tea, visit Ronit and find out, have a look in your place and his location, learn from him, would haven’t neglected. Nivedita states sure, why not. Komolika asks that the servant. Komolika does not hold the cup. It drops down.

Komolika says go, do not state that it occurred by mistake and wash this clean. The location cleans. Komolika believes of the insult wasn’t forgotten by me, you left strategy of joining Prerna and Anurag daily. She asks did you achieve and calls someone. The chef hat is got by servant.

Komolika makes it is worn by Nivedita. She asks her to keep wearing it. After beating her, she believes to fulfill Prerna, to remind her location. Prerna matches Mr. Sudeep. She states it was imp, therefore I’ve come I’ve mailed the files. He states that was remarkable, you need to provide me a reason to give property permissions to you. Will you give me information regarding Basu city she inquires.

He states you believe I’ll be biased about it. She says. He says Basu town is the fantasy of Anurag. She says what I’m performing is a dream of many people, you understand an individual puts his hard-earned cash at the home, its a fantasy for these, you understand folks stay away from families for work.

When I give them job opportunities, they’ll spend some time with family, everything will probably soon be in their favor, Basu town is going to probably be for luxury, you opt to prefer luxury or need.

He inquires are you would like to convert the property into a property . She states right. The newspapers are signed on by him. He states you can initiate the building work. She thinks their left will violate hopes and smiles.


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