World’s oldest man Chitetsu dies at age 112 in Japan

Hong Kong: The world’s oldest living person, Chitetsu Watanabe, has passed away in Japan at age 112, the Niigata prefecture authorities said in a statement Tuesday.

Watanabe, who had been living in a nursing home in Niigata, was created on March 5th, 1907. This season he had been supported by the Guinness World Record as the oldest surviving person on February 12. He died February 23, on Sunday.

Based on the Guinness World Record, he had been born in Niigata and moved to Taiwan to work on a sugar cane plantation. He returned to Japan and worked before his retirement as a worker for a division in Niigata.

Watanabe expired before he can claim the name of the oldest guy. He was shy of the album, which will be held by Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who passed decades and 54 days in June 2013 and was born on 19, according to Guinness.

In a meeting with a local newspaper in January 2019, Watanabe explained the key to living a lifetime was”to not get mad and keep a grin on your face”

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