Nelson County Teen Mikiah Receives $300,000 Scholarship to Princeton

“Sometimes it is tough, for example, doing assignments with clinics and getting home late,” Livers-Bryant explained. But analyzing does not take a great deal of her time up.

“I do not actually have to study too much except read my notes before and I am fine.”

Like many seniors, she chose to use for the Questbridge Scholarship, that pairs students from wallpapers and’s weighing her school options.

Mikiah had dreamed — and implemented, although A number of the pupils at Bethlehem wish to remain in Kentucky.

“She explained she had been on board I had been very excited cause I thought’great!’ Cause I believe she’s going to be only a fantastic candidate,” said Bethlehem School adviser Rita Koontz.

The app submitted her desire to visit. Out applicants, it was left by 10 percent of them.

Princeton provided over $300,000 to Livers-Bryant a scholarship worth and responded — roughly $74,000 annually, including books, board and room, courses and money to get a pc.

Koontz says nearby but Livers-Bryant desired to determine just how much she could be taken by her grades proceed to colleges and Bethlehem pupils prefer to remain in Kentucky and she’s other colleges interested. Vanderbilt and yale also have reached out to the interview .

She has not made a choice about which college she will attend though Princeton gave her 300,000 reasons to go there, though she’s a pupil.

“I began looking at it I am likely to see in April and I’m beginning to enjoy it, so that I could go there nevertheless,” Livers-Bryant explained. “All of the work I have been doing up till there paid off was fine. It had been surprising that hard work does pay off, actually.”

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