Women are here to stay, regardless of sector, in Saudi Arabia’s economy

Riyadh: The Ibn Zaid factory in Saudi’s Al-Ahsa eastern area that produces & sells dates is operated by only ladies. Inside this date-packaging factory, there have been nearly 100 Saudi Arabia ladies, who hold different ranks from Mgmt, accounting, quality curb, packaging, health & nutrition.

As per media records, the factory has been formerly run by foreign expat labour, however the boss ruled to hire regional Saudi Arabia ladies instead, in maintaining with the nation’s new direction of bringing the ladies into the labour enforce.

Take (2) a look in the video footage revealed by Reuters on Twitter.

The boss of the Ibn Zaid factory steadily replaced expat labour with ladies, & it was run by ladies for over a yr., records stated.

Talking to the media, 1 the labour Aqeelah Ali even drives a forklift to transport date packs stated, “In 1st there have been some of the challenges as driving heavy transport trucks as people are deemed to be extra suitable to drive those vehicles.”

Expressing her happiness of just how ladies could succeed no issue what the ground is, Aqeelah stated, “However I’m glad that I can prove that ladies could enter into new fields & succeed.”

In previous yrs., Saudi has presented multiple reforms to rise ladies’s presence within the people sphere. The other reason behind the new policies is that they’ll also support the economy by rising ladies’s participation within the office.

In 2017, King Salman bin Abdulaziz declared that the ban on female drivers would be raised.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also initiated the Vision 2030 reform schedule, that aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy & includes rising ladies’s labour enforce participation.