Biden slightly ahead in North Carolina, Georgia: Poll

Washington(WA): Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been slightly in front of US President Donald Trump within the 2 southern states of NC & Georgia(GA), where the latter won within the 2016 election, as per a new poll.

The CBS Information Battleground Tracker poll on Sun. demonstrated Biden leading Trump in NC, 48 percent to 44, & edging the President in Georgia(GA) by a single percentage(%) point, 46 to 45, Politico information recorded.

No Democratic presidential candidate has won Georgia(GA) from Bill Clinton in 1992, & only 1 Democrat (Barack Obama in 2008) has won NC in the last 10 presidential elections.

Sun.’s poll demonstrated that Trump has lost field from 2016 amongst white voters, down 12 percentage(%) points in Georgia(GA) & seven in NC.

The President has within the specific lost field amongst white voters with college degrees.

Biden commanded Trump amongst female voters with at the least 50 percent help in both states & has an overwhelming edge amongst African-American voters, with the previous Vice President surpassing 80 percent in both states.

By a small margin, voters in both states give Trump the edge in handling the economy.