US: SEO Expert Revealed How He Grabbed 13,977 Visitors A Day from Google Organic USA

The world of SEO and Digital Marketing are constantly evolving. SMEs and every website owner is in a constant lookout for new ways to crack Google rankings and drive thousands, if not millions of visitors to their money websites.

An SEO professional with over 12 years of experience, shared his SEO journey on his recent project where he drove 13,977 visitors in a single day to his website from Google organic rankings from the world’s most competitive market, United States (U.S).

He had shared several screenshots of last week Monday to Friday, January 2024.

We are all eager to know the secret strategy behind these outstanding results (Google traffic & rankings). Before that, here are screenshots proving the above claim.

Screenshot 1:

Google free traffic thousands US
Google Analytics Screenshot Shows Traffic (46,053/week) from 27-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020

The above Google analytics screenshot shows 13,977 visitors on the last Friday (31-January-2020), out of which over 93% of traffic is from organic search(Google). The following screenshot shows traffic countries.

Screenshot 2:

Google organic US traffic 90%
Google Analytics Screenshot Shows Google Organic/SEO, 100% traffic Countries (United States) for 27-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020

The above Google analytics screenshot shows 41,682 visitors in the last 5 weekdays (27-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020), out of which over 93% of traffic is from organic search(Google), 6% of traffic from the direct source and the rest (0.47%) of traffic is from the referral source.

Screenshot 3:

Google webmaster traffic USA
Google Webmaster Tools Screenshot Shows 16,630 clicks from Google on Friday, 31-Jan-2020; 60,600 clicks (27-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020)

The above Google webmasters screenshot shows 60,600 clicks in the last 5 weekdays (27-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020).

The Secret SEO Strategy That Experts Resist To Reveal & Google Don’t Want You To Know

As reported by this SEO expert, the best part of his strategy lies in both On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO, well, we are not going to repeat the same crap that says write better Title, meta description, increase site speed. It doesn’t mean that they don’t contribute to Google rankings.

Let us put his strategy in his way of looking at things. He summarized 2 oceans of SEO, i.e., On-Site & Off-Site into 2 sentences which were impressive and excited us to story this story.

The On-Site SEO Ocean in 1-Sentence for Top 3 Google Ranking

“Build your target page design & content in such a way that it satisfies a set (a group of) of users’ intent and interest”.

This is the thumb rule and main formula we wanted to highlight from this success story, it might sound familiar and known stuff to you, but we can confidently say over 98% of website owners are simply lagging here since they don’t understand what it means in a real-world scenario when it comes to their business website.

He further, explains it with respect to this project. The website in the success story is into the “gaming niche”.

Users searching for his site want to play the game without annoying ads and at the same time with high-speed connectivity (webserver), so they can play their desired game online in no time. And over 90% of his users use desktop computers for paying these games.

So, he made the site super fast, tested the online game for possible bugs and fixed, and conveyed user interest in his title & description, adjusted site layout to make the game look bigger and better. That’s it!

Now users spend more time, over 5 mins of average time on the site. These on-site SEO optimization tricks made his site eligible for Top 3 google ranks.

The Off-Site SEO Ocean in 1-Sentence for 10,000+ Visitors per Day Google Organic

It is no more a secret that authority and relevancy of linking sites (backlinks) are extremely important and a major contributing factor in achieving higher Google organic rankings and traffic.

“I built less than 10 backlinks to the target site, but those links are extremely powerful, I mean they have high Domain Authority(DA), Relevancy (same niche) and contextual in nature”, he said.

“So, SEO is simple, understand and satisfy your target audience when it comes to On-Site optimization and build high authority relevant contextual links, no matter if you can build only one such backlink per month and remove low-quality backlinks from webmaster tools using disavow links tool”, he summarizes the whole strategy.

Let us know your queries or concerns if you want to connect with him connect with us. More updates on this topic are on the way.

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