Saudi king stresses continuous efforts to promote global COVID-19 response

Riyadh, September 24 : Saudi’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stressed that his own nation’s uninterrupted measures to foster global COVID-19 reaction, the Saudi Arabia Press Agency recorded.

Salman stated in an on-line speech in the 75th U.N Gen. Assembly session on Wed. that within the health, humanitarian, & economic repercussions of COVID-19, the globe is facing tremendous problems, Xinhua press agency recorded.

As the president of the G20, the kingdom has coordinated Intl. measures to control the COVID-19 effects & going to continue to foster global reaction measures to confront this epidemic & address its repercussions, he stated.

The king also stated Saudi continues to work (5) to achieve security, stability, & prosperity in its area, highlighting that his own nation gives help to the peoples of the globe, irrespective of their own political, ethnic, (or) religious affiliation.

During this past 3 decades, the kingdom has given over US $86 billion in humanitarian aid benefiting 81 nations, he added further.

Salman also expressed help for US measures to begin talks between Israel & the Palestinians.