This Doctor from Bangalore found Coronavirus Treatment, Testing will Start from this Week

Bengaluru: 114 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in India in the last 24 hours.

So far 19 people have died while confirmed cases rise to 808. Doctors/Scientists from across the world are engaged in preparing vaccines for the coronavirus.

a doctor from Bangalore has claimed that he has found an effective treatment for coronavirus

According to the report by news agency ANI, Bangalore oncologist Vishal Rao has promised that he’s found a remedy for its coronavirus. He asserts that this therapy will be prepared for testing by the end of the week.

The physician said that this therapy will retrigger the immune system of the individual, which has affected by the coronavirus.

He explained that this medication isn’t a”vaccine” of this coronavirus, but may work to improve the individual’s immune system so the patient’s entire body will have the ability to resist the coronavirus disease ardently.

He stated, “We’ve generated cytokines (Cytokines) which may be given to individuals with coronavirus through injection to grow their immune system” We’re in a really early phase. Its set is anticipated to be prepared by the end of the week.

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