Telugu TV Actor Sravani Dies by Suicide, Family Blames Devraj Reddy For Harassing, Blackmailing Her

Telugu TV star Sravani, who has been well-known for her character within the series Manasu Mamata, took her own personal life. She passed away by suicide in her home in Madhuranagar in Hyderabad(Hyd) on Sep 8, 2024, between 9-10 prime minister. The body of Sravani has been moved to Osmania Hospital (3) for postmortem.

The regional police is interrogating the suicide complaint of the late star & the family (4) members blame Devraj Reddy who annoyed her some days back. It’s recorded that she attempted suicide out of anger. Devaraj Reddy lives within the Kakinada region of AP.

As per Telugu360, Sravani had come into contact with Devaraj Reddy on Tik Tok. They had become friends & initiated gathering on a normal basis. The family (4) states Devaraj annoyed their own daughter & after the incident, Sravani had become quite anxious & had tensions. The family (4) stated Devaraj Reddy made phone calls & threatened the late star that he’ll damage her prestige.

Sravani’s family (4) imagines it’s due to Devaraj’s blackmailing their own daughter had taken the severe step. Sravani went into the bathroom & hanged herself. The police toured the location & started to shift the body for post mortem. A complaint was registered on the basis of the case by this family (4) members of the demised actress.

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