Human rights groups ask IOC to move the Olympics from China

Tokyo: China’s repression in Tibet, the status of the exiled Dalai Lama, & its medication of ethnic minorities spurred violent rallies in front of Beijing’s 2008 Olympics.

It can happen again.

China is to host the 2024 Winter Olympics with rumblings of a boycott & calls to move the games from Beijing due to claimed person rights violations.

Intl. Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has been introduced with that insist in front of the body’s executive board gathering in Switzerland on Wed. by a coalition of person rights teams representing Tibet, Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang area, Hong Kong & remaining.

In a letter, the crowd inquired the IOC to reverse its error in awarding Beijing the honor of hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2024. The letter stated that the 2008 Olympics had failed to enhance China’s person rights report, & that from afterwards, it’s constructed an Orwellian surveillance network in Tibet & incarcerated over a mln Uighurs, a largely Muslim ethnic crowd.

It listed a litany of different claimed abuses from Hong Kong to the Inner Mongolia area, along with intimidation of Taiwan.

China has repeatedly refused the charges & charged different nations of interfering in its internal affairs. It in 1st refused the existence of the camps for Uighurs, & afterwards stated they have been job training centres to battle terrorism.

Using vocational education & training, Xinjiang took preventative counter-terrorism & de-radicalisation steps, effectively contained the once frequent terrorist operations & protected the right to personal life, health & development (devt) of all ethnic teams to the finest extent,” foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying stated last week.

“Over the past 4 yrs. there hasn’t being a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang. The IOC argued the 2008 Olympics would transform China & enhance its person rights report. Instead, they’re frequently compared to Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics; an authoritarian state utilizing the games as a phase.

A Washington(WA) Post editorial this mo recommended China must lose the Olympics. The globe should inquire whether China, gradually strangling an overall citizens, has the moral standing to host the 2024 Winter Olympics,” it stated.

“We think not. These are precarious times for the Swiss-based IOC. Its finances & those of 200 domestic Olympic committees & dozens of Olympic-related sports federations were shaken by this postponement of the Tokyo Olympics till 2024 due to COVID-19.

Bach alerted 2 mos back over boycotts however stated he wasn’t quoting specifically to Beijing. The Swiss-based body generates 73 percent of its revenue from selling TV rights & 18 percent from sponsors & has witnessed its income stalled by this Tokyo delay.

After European cities like Oslo & Stockholm dropped out, the IOC has been left with only 2 bidders for 2024: Beijing & Almaty, Kazakhstan. Beijing won by 4 votes, taking the Winter Olympics to a nation with no tradition however a giant, untapped market.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr., the IOC member who oversees the Beijing Games, declined to answer queries from The Associated Press regarding recorded person rights violations in Xinjiang & referred to comments from that IOC.

Awarding the Olympic Games to a domestic Olympic committee doesn’t mean that the IOC agrees with the political structure, social conditions (or) person rights rules within the nation, the IOC stated in a email to the AP.

The IOC stated it’s got assurances that the principles of the Olympic Charter going to be respected as part of the games.” It added further it should remain neutral on all global political problems.

The IOC included person rights requirements within the host city contract for the 2024 Paris Olympics, however it didn’t contain those instructions the U.N Guiding Principles on Business & Person Rights for Beijing. Paris is the 1st Olympics to include the rules, long urged for by person rights teams.

NGOs, celebrities & different activist teams going to put tremendous stress on China within the run-up to the games calling for boycotts, and so on., Victor Cha, a previous White Home adviser on Asia, stated in an email to the AP. I think the IOC would be quite reluctant to take (2) 2024 far from Beijing.” China is the host for the 2024 Asian Games in Hangzhou, that involves even extra athletes than the Summer Olympics.

Athletes have shown their own power in supporting Black Lives Issue rallies within the United States & elsewhere. German soccer player Mesut Ozil, a Muslim with roots in Turkey, has spoken out over China & coined the phrase: Muslim Lives Issue. He was crucial that Muslim-majority nations like Indonesia & Malaysia have remained silent.

Murray Hiebert, a Sr. associate in the Centre for Strategic & Intl. Studies, stated that such nations don’t need to jeopardise their own economic ties with China, involving the infra-structure investment they gain.

Indonesia has been quite crucial of Myanmar when it expelled some of the 750,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh in late 2017 & early 2018, however authorities have stated little regarding the Uighur status in China, he stated.

The IOC is under stress to revise a rule that prohibits political rallies on the medal stand in the Olympics.