Shakti 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Virat Imagines Heer In Jharna

The Daily daily episode starts with Nutan thinking Virat hates Heer so much as she’s a kinnar. Jharna comes home & calls Virat.

Parmeet appeals where is Virat as she had gone with him. Jharna states she had left from college as dad called her urgently, states Virat should have come home by now. Virat comes there. Parmeet appeals him to freshen up & reports Jharna going to make ginger tea for you. Jharna smiles & appeals him in complaint he had met Heer. Parmeet hears them. Virat recalls Jharna telling that she cares for him.

He reports her that Heer met him on the way & was talking nonsense. Jharna states she didn’t ask for explanation. He states he don’t like to lie.

Parmeet signs her to make tea. She afterwards appeals Gurwinder to make everything between Virat & Jharna. Heer comes home. Harak Singh is talking to a worker’s spouse & appeals her not to take (2) (2) tension, states your daughter is like our daughter. He imparts her money.

Heer hears them. Veeran states daughters are daughters, your daughter is like our daughter. Heer brings her chunari & imparts it to the worker’s daughter. Preeto sees Heer & appeals her why is she granting her chunari to the worker & states you will gain married some day, keep it for yourself.

Harak Singh appeals worker to buy the chunari & offers money. Heer states she wants to give her chunari to Neetu. Soham appeals why you want to give your chunari, you will gain married soon. Heer insists to give & covers Neetu with the chunari.

Neetu’s mom blesses Heer to gain a loving spouse. Heer imagines Virat. Soham appeals why did you give your chunari. Preeto appeals where did you go? He states he will come.

Jharna brings tea for Virat & looks in him as he’s shirtless. She states I taken your favorite ginger cardamom tea. He imagines Heer reporting the same. He states you had made tea afterwards make me drink with love. He imparts her cup. Heer appeals him to wear his own own clothes first.

He holds her closer & states first you make me drink tea. Heer states ok, you like tea so much. Heer tries to make him drink tea & spills some tea on him. She laughs. Virat comes out of imagination & sees Jharna. Jharna appeals him to wear shirt. Virat wears shirt & sits. Gurwinder comes there & appeals him to marry Jharna.

Parmeet, Sant Baksh & Daljeet hear her. Gurwinder states you’re of marriageable age, you don’t want to marry Heer, & who could be the finest lady than Jharna. Virat states he don’t want to talk.

Just afterwards mic falls down her clothes. Virat appeals what happened. Sant Baksh appeals why there is interruption. Gurwinder holds mic & appeals him to marry, reports that she’s granting her suggestion & appeals him to marry Jharna. Jharna appeals Virat in complaint he’s any problem with her.

Virat recalls Heer’s kinnar truth & reports Jharna that he’s no problem with her. He states he don’t want to marry at the moment. Gurwinder states we couldn’t gain finest lady than Jharna. Shanno comes to Soham & appeals what he could detected? He states that when everyone had come to actually really know about Soumya, afterwards they left the village.

Shanno appeals in complaint they didn’t say that harak Singh went to jail. Soham is stunned. Shanno states nobody reports us why he had gone to jail. Soham states in complaint they have completed unfair with .

my parents & dada dadi afterwards they have to pay for that. Preeto is standing outdoor. Shanno reports that she’s standing out. Soham states.

once they’re exposed afterwards they can’t roam anywhere. Shanno states I hope this from you.

Jharna reports Parmeet that even she imagined of magical idea to gain Virat. Parmeet smiles. Thereafter, Virat sees chilli bottle on the table & thinks of Heer.

He thinks in complaint the health gets spoiled due to the chilli sauce. He recalls their own own conversation & thinks why shall I eat it, in complaint she wants to die afterwards she shall die.

He throws the bottle & states Heer Singh, you will leave NGO & not me. Heer tries to put thread in the needle while the song Tu hi mera khuda plays….She recalls Virat’s words & thinks she will not leave NGO group.

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