Taliban must live up to its commitments made in peace deal with US

Washington(WA): The Taliban should live as many as its commitments made within the peace cope with the US & not attack American warriors, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has emphasised throughout a video footage conference with the insurgent leader, Mullah Baradar, on the Afghan reconciliation procedure.

A settlement signed between the US & the Taliban in Feb in Doha drew up schedules for withdrawal of American army from Afghanistan in exchange for security assures from that insurgent crowd.

“The Secretary (Pompeo) made evident the expectation for the Taliban to live as many as their own commitments, that contain not attacking Americans,” State Dept. spokesman Morgan Ortagus stated on Tue..

The video footage conference has been conducted on Mon. to debate the implementation of the US-Taliban settlement, she stated.

In the context of the Doha deal, the US dedicated to withdraw its 12,000 army in 14 mos. Army have from being lowered by over a quarter, as per a previous record on Afghanistan posted by this Congressional Study Service.

The Taliban dedicated to prevent different teams, involving Al Qaeda, from utilizing Afghan soil to recruit, train (or) fund rise toward operations that threaten the US (or) its allies.

“The settlement is accompanied by secret annexes, rising issues amongst some of the members of Congress. US authorities describe the prospective US withdrawal as ‘conditions-based’, however haven’t specified exactly what circumstances would suspend, reverse, (or) otherwise change the withdrawal timeline laid out within the settlement,” the Congressional Study Service record stated.

The call comes as the Special US Representative for Reconciliation in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is presently touring the area to advance the deal. Khalilzad deceased on Jun 28 for travel to Qatar, Pakistan(PAK) & Uzbekistan.

He’ll not be going to the Afghan capital, Kabul, because of the dangers introduced by this COVID-19 & instead going to video footage conference with Afghan chiefs.

The Taliban has kept up violence over Afghan govt enforces, delaying talks between the 2 sides on a peace arrangement.

The rare video footage conference between America’s top diplomat & the Taliban leader occurred amid records that Russia offered Taliban bounties for killing US warriors.

The NY Times 1st recorded last weekend that Russian intelligence officials offered bounties to the Taliban to murder coalition warriors in Afghanistan.

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