COVID: Mizoram govt announces new guideline for partial lockdown

Aizawl: The Mizoram(MZ) govt has permitted marriage ceremonies, funerals functions, anniversary celebrations & social events with a maximum attendance of 50 citizens in the context of new relaxations for the partial lock-down within the state from Jul one to 31, authorities stated.

A govt order released on Tue. night stated that partial lock-down with relaxed instructions has been inevitable to mitigate the economic hardship faced by these citizens without compromising the health & safety of the gen. people as the prolonged suspension of economic & livelihood operations has severely affected the vulnerable sections of the community.

Although religious congregations & different huge social gatherings are prohibited, the new instruction permitted in the morning church devoting, marriage ceremony, funeral functions, anniversary celebrations, political & different social events with a maximum attendance of 50 citizens.

Games & sports practise, book declare function & different related events are also permitted with a maximum of 25 attendees.

All Intl. & inter state borders going to continue to remain closed barring 3 entry points- Vairengte & Bairabi on the Mizoram(MZ)-Assam(AS) border & Kanhmun on the state border with Tripura(TR), that going to be opened for commodities.

Although, stranded citizens & outsiders, who obtain prior permission from that state house dept., going to be permitted to enter the state using the 3 entry points & any people coming outdoor going to have to go through mandatory 14 days isolation, the order stated.

Lengpui air port going to remain open during this partial lock-down.

Shops & commercial operations going to function usually with stringent adherence to physical distancing.

The new instruction permitted inter state & intra state movement for commercial & private vehicles. Although, an odd-even system going to be utilized in Aizawl municipal region except for Sun. on that no vehicle is permitted to ply except for those exempted.

Night curfew going to continue to remain enforced between 7:30 prime minister & 4:30 am each day.

Different operations continued to be prohibited around the state contain operation of educational & training institutions, entertainment parks, picnic spots, theaters, gymnasiums & different similar places for entertainment.

Although, beauty parlour, salon & spa going to be opened with prior appointment of clients to make sure physical distancing.

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