Beyhadh 2, 31 March 2024 Episode: Maya’s Intense Drama To Kill Vikram

Beyhadh 2, 31st March 2024 Episode Written Update: Maya’s Intense Drama To Kill Vikram.

The episode starts with the Intense game Mrityunjay Matches Vikram to Inform him about Tradition. Vikram supposes to inquire whether Maya is the enthusiast or somebody special of Mrityunjay.

He informs that men and women are coming to request Maya. Asks him did he purchase the home of Maya. Vikram informs him that he shifted to the residence. He lies about his loved ones. He informs his kids are busy playing games.

He requests Mrityunjay to come in and have a conversation. Mrityunjay enquires regarding Maya. Vikram tricks him stating he does not know anything, but might love to learn about desired and famous Maya. He sends Mrityunjay with his answers.

Hides from Mrityunjay and believes its not time until she eliminates Vikram that she matches him. Mrityunjay yields to Aamir using doubt in your mind. Aamir informs that Maya will not be hiding in her property.

Mrityunjay is certain that Maya is at her property. He informs Aamir for his or her strategy, that she’ll come herself out. Aamir asks him the strategy. Maya continues to take Vikram to your dinner.

She informs him that she wishes to begin the dinner using the dessert that is exceptional to start their living. She inquires Vikram to possess the pie. He informs her that she’s added toxin in the dish, because he could die for her lifetime but then he is prepared to consume the toxin. She gets stressed with his instigation.

He tells he can swallow poison also. While she begs for him to perish by the toxin, the dessert is eaten by him. He drops back on the floor and reveals signs of toxics. He asks her if she has poisoned him to kill.

He informs her that when he dies, then she will not have any choice. He shocks her stating he wishes to remain living he does not wish to perish. He injects an antidote to himself to save his life. Maya is left to watch his play.

He informs her that everything is remembered by her, so that she obtained concealed from Mrityunjay.

She informs that she does not remember anything. He informs that he was ready to shield her stabbing and aware of her plans. When she does not trust him, he asks her. He informs he has witnessed her hugging Nandini.

He regrets that his truth has been seen by her. He gets angry on her ploy him. He informs that he will never be trusted by her he had seen her incorporating the toxin. He informs that if nothing was remembered by her she would have cried to seek out assistance, but she’d concealed holding hatred in eyes, from Mrityunjay.

He yells that he was cried by her. Maya gets back to her colors. For murdering Nandini she yells. He informs her that Nadnini had committed suicide to save her own life.

He shows that he did not intend to kill Nandini, he wanted to have her but her life was swayed by her feelings away. He does not want everyone to come between them. He claims to kill.

When she wishes to visit Rudra he questions her. For murdering Rishi he informs that Rudra does not love her he despises her.

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