Barrister Babu 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Bondita denies discrimination of women and men in the house

The daily episode begins with Bondita requests Anirudh whether fact is of no importance without evidence.  Bondita states that Anirudh must also know her point.  Bondita states that in case someone accuses her & in case Anirudh easily believes him, afterwards it’ll be an injustice to her.

Anirudh states being a barrister, he’s vowed that he’ll not permit injustice to anybody.  Anirudh states however he’s to take (2) justice from both the sides maintaining in mind that injustice is not finished to the different.

Anirudh notices that Bondita is asleep.  Anirudh states it’s great that he talked to Bondita that as of now he know what he want to accomplish.

Anirudh calls Mini & apologizes to her & begins crying ahead of her & states that he did unfair with Mini however from as of now on he’ll split his own time & going to take (2) great care of her.

Mini is happy however states Bondita is his own spouse & she his own responsibility so he must take (2) care of her.

Anirudh states Mini is also his own responsibility, so he’ll divide his own time in both.  Anirudh afterwards disconnects the phone.  & Mini’s dad requests her what Anirudh stated.

Mini informs that Anirudh has been apologizing to her & all this was possible only because of Shivraj & she gratitude him.  Shivraj leaves from there.  Mini imagines she’ll take (2) complete time of Anirudh quite shortly.

Within the in the morning Bondita requests Maa Durga to support her.  Bondita requests what she must accomplish, must she choose to research (or) accomplish home chores.  Bondita is confused & can’t know what’s great for her.

Bondita states that she knows that Durga Maa can’t answer her however she prays that Anirudh must stay with her when the master ji comes to teach her today because she’s afraid of the stick.

Afterwards Trilochan calls Bondita & states that it’s time to accomplish home chores.  Bondita goes to the kitchen & Bihari reports her that she needs to make milk & tea.
Bondita states she’ll make it easily.  Bihari states this work (5) is not easy because everybody drinks various types of tea.

Bihari informs her Trilochan is fond of drinking local tea & Binoy drinks exotic black tea, Somnath & Batuk drink cocoa milk & Anirudh drinks coffee.  However Bondita gets fermented again & requests why everybody within the home eats & drinks differently.

Bondita states that her in her aunt home they habituated to eat the same thing happily.  & therefore creating various teas also costs amount.

 Trilochan listens to Bondita.  Trilochan states that everybody has their own own choice within the home & he’s so much status that he could fulfil everybody’s choice.

Bondita states however she’s no special choice.  Trilochan states because all these are tantrums of people & ladies could’t accomplish tantrums like that.

Bondita states however this discrimination between ladies & people is unfair.  Trilochan gets disturbed by this & inquire Bondita to work (5) silently.

There Sampurna’s parents come in Surmani’s home & Surmani informs them that Sampurna is carrying.

They’re happy to hear this.  Munshi states that as of now they don’t want to give five goats for dowry.  Sampurna’s dad & mom are extra happy to hear this.

There, Bondita make milk & tea for all.  Furthermore Bondita locates that Anirudh going somewhere & when the master comes, he’ll not be there.  Bondita gets nervous. Daily episode end.

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