Shakti 15th August 2024 Episode Written Update

Heer & Virat Arguing. Heer Makes Fun Of Him & Laughs. Jharna Looks On. Soham Meets Someone & States I Heard You Are Harak Singh’s Family (4) Lawyer.

You Would Be Knowing Regarding His own Funds, Did He Give Anything To His own Sister, I M Prepared To Pay Amount For This Info. Rohan Is In Disguise.

He States You Inquired Me Regarding Harak, There Is Nothing To Conceal Regarding Him, Who Are You. Soham States I M His own Grandson, Soham Singh. Rohan Gets A File & States Harak Utilized To Love His own Sister A Lot, Take (2) The File, Everything Is Written In It. Soham Gratitude Him.

Soham Goes To The Police Station. He States I Need To Really know Regarding Harak Singh, Think That Its A Danger On Someone’s Personal life. Inspector States Its Popular Complaint That Harak Went To Jail, His own Bahu Has been A Kinner, He Attempted To Murder Her, He Lost A Lot.

Rohan Deletes His own Moustache. Harak Is Freed From The Lockup. Inspector Greets Him. Soham Imagines Of Harak. He States Harak Called The Property To His own Sister.

He Attempted To Murder Soumya To Safeguard The Family (4) Respect, Preeto Also Loves Heer, Shanno & I Misunderstood Harak & Preeto. Shanno Imagines I Going to Celebrate Real Janmashtami. Preeto Sees Her Smiling. Rohan Comes House. Preeto Slaps Shanno. She States Soham Is The Son Of This Home.

He Going to Come, The Soham I Love Going to Come. Soham States They Are So Great, I Has been Unfair. Preeto States We Are Residing In The Same Home, I Really know You Well, I Got (1) CCTV Camera Fixed In The Overall Home, Look There. Shanno & Veeran Gain Stunned.

Preeto Recalls Soham Fixing The Cameras. Se States I Informed You That I M The Master Of The Game, I Taught Everybody, You Don’t Know, What’s This, You Aren’t Modifying. Everybody Looks On. Soham Comes House. Preeto & Harak Smile.

Soham Touches Harak’s Ft & States I Just Got (1) To Really know That I Misunderstood You, Sorry. Harak Hugs Him. They Laugh. Preeto Requests Soham To Come For Puja. Soham Requests Did You All Forgive Me. Preeto Smiles. Rohan States Yes, We Really know You Always Fight.

He Hugs Soham. Shanno Looks On. Heer Comes House & Sees Soham. She States I Think Everything Got (1) Sorted. Rohan States Yes, You Wanted This. Heer Hugs Him & Soham. The Family (4) Hugs & Takes Pics. Shanno Imagines I Going to Not Lose, I Going to Make You All Cry.

Virat & Jharna Come House. Everybody Claps For Virat. Sant Hugs Virat. Parmeet Sees Gurvinder. Jharna States Gurvinder Inquired Me To Propose You. Parmeet States She Recommended The Janmashtami Puja & Afterwards We Going to Party, Right.

Virat Nods. Gurvinder Devises For Puja. Jharna Manages The Party. Parmeet Praises Her. Jharna Imagines Heer Going to Be Out Of Virat’s Personal life. Parmeet Requests Her To Gain Virat For Puja. Jharna Goes To Call Virat & Compliments Her.

He States You Too Look Great, I Have No Concern In Puja, I Going to Come In The Party. She States I M Also Party Types Like You, However We Must Accomplish Puja For The Sake Of Family (4), Going to You Not Listen To Me. He Imagines Of Heer. He Agrees. Heer Talks To Kanha. She Prays That Everything Gets Fine.

Virat & Jharna Come House. Heer Gets Stunned. Jharna States We Have Come To Celebrate Janmashtami, You Would Be Thinking You Are Radha. Virat States We Had come To Evident Your Misunderstanding, In case I M Krishna.

Afterwards Jharna Is My Radha.Jharna States We Going to Celebrate With Your Family (4). Virat Requests Where Are Your Brothers. He Calls Out Rohan & Soham. Heer States Whatever You Stated, I Have Regarded You My Krishna For Each Birth, I Going to Prove It Today.

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