Saudi man takes a ride on an endangered whale shark, video goes viral

Saudia Arabia: A video footage of a person riding an endangered whale shark has left citizens on social media(SM) bewildered. The video clip doing rounds on social media(SM) platforms has numerous in disbelief & astonishment.

The viral video footage starts with the person sitting on the edge of a boat, watching over a pair of sharks, awhile someone reports him from behind. It afterwards shows him leaping off the boat & landing on the back of the shark & grabbing its dorsal fin for help. The video footage has been initially revealed on Snapchat, before spreading across platforms.

The person who revealed it on Twitter also gave extra information. He wrote in a tweet, “The acrobat whale – is an endangered species of shark Its average length is 13 metres awhile its weight is 21 tons. It’s one such most common types of fish spread within the Red Sea, specially nearby Saudi Arabia coast.

This shark doesn’t pose any danger to humans, & no demises (or) targets on humans were reported (sic).”   Within the video footage, the animal seems incredibly calm & doesn’t appear to gain agitated in spite of the reaching boat.

The whale shark is discussed to be the highest fish within the sea & is listed as an endangered species on the Intl. Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.