Sanjivani 8th January 2024 Episode Update: Roshni Reveals Sid’s Birth Truth

Sanjivani 8th January 2024 Episode Written Update;

The Sanjivani episode starts with everybody mourning for Shashank. Ishani wears her awesome doctor’s coat. Shashank most welcomed me to Sanjivani and today I am giving you a farewell, Sid says.

Ishani says the doctor’s white coat matters a lot because you’re leaving today.

Everybody and sid shout. Sid gets Shashank’s body to the last rites. Everybody yells for Shashank. Vardaan pours prays and flowers. He believes you expired and wished to win, I’ll grab Sanjivani. Juhi does not forget and believes you maintain this odor, I shall remain near you.

Anjali says we fought, you believed that I do not like you, no, I really like you a great deal. Ishani states Shashank was just like a dad for me, I guarantee to eventually become the best physician of Sanjivani, as you desired Sanjivani would be. Sid says I’ll miss you a whole lot. They take Shashank for your rites.

Pandit asks them to call Shashank’s son. Sid is seen by Vardaan. Ji is said by A physician, we wish to state the final goodbye to the greatest physician of Sanjivani. Shashank is saluted by them.

Roshni believes I can not tell reality I can not even conceal it. Vardaan states ji, you requested in the times, for Shashank’s son, son and daughter are equivalent, Anjali is the son and his daughter too, the fire will be given by her. Anjali says I can not. Sid and Juhi request him to possess nerve, do your duty.

Vardaan believes you must do his obligation, you’re his son. Roshni believes in the words of Sid. Anjali says I’ll do it if it’s hard. Can he endure the reality Roshni believes its opportunity to bid farewell to his daddy?

Roshni stops Anjali and states Dr. Shashank includes a son, he has got a right to light the pyre. Anjali inquires what exactly are you. Sid is gone to by Roshni. She says my son Siddhu is Dr. Shashank’s son.

They all get stunned. Vardaan smiles. Sid thinks of Shashank’s words and his youth. Pandit asks them to rush up, they can not observe the entire body this way.

Vardaan believes Shashank, did you think I’ll forget my resurrection, no, I’ll take revenge in your kids children get fame, cash and real estate but Sid gets my revenge. Sid light the pyre is made by Anjali.

The pyre collectively lights. Everybody yells. Ishani asks Roshni to be with Sid, he desires her. Sid believes in the words of Roshni. Did this occur with me he believes? He cries.

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