Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2024 Update: Naira Finds Vedika’s Fraud

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th, January 2024 Episode Written Update;

The YRKKH daily episode starts with Naira searching about Umesh on friends book. She recalls his specific words.

The party was filled with fun, says Kairav, Suwarna requests them to eat some food.

Kairav says we must visit the football club we must call Naira to ask her to be prepared. Kartik says I’ll call her. Vedika says I will come, you recall what I told you, I can not leave you lonely where Naira is.

Naira gets Dadi’s call. She says Umesh abandoned, we have cheated. Dadi says listen to me personally, Pallavi has come to Vedika and Pallavi are currently speaking. Is it possible to find out naira asks.

Dadi says I shall attempt. Pallavi says Umesh stated clear and he must depart a few dues, I’ll speak to him for followup if he comes. Now Vedika says I’m fearful, Naira arrived at the celebration.

Pallavi says to make sure Naira isn’t with Kartik, I’m going to the hospital I’ll do your job. Naira says quit Pallavi for a while, discover their secret and I wish to visit the hospital. Dadi says I really do behaving.

Naira states you do over acting. Dadi sees Pallavi going. Naira understands the tea and also recalls Kartik. She says I’m in a hurry, perhaps next time. She belongs. Dadi calls Naira.

Pallavi calls Umesh and asks him to arrive at the hospital. Dadi prays for Naira. Kairav asks Kartik to call Naira. Kartik states I forgot. Vedika says we’ll go our time will probably likely get stored.

Kartik asks Kairav to call Naira. Is Vedika coming together with 8, Kairav inquires. He states the phone of mum is not currently linking.

Vedika says call Naksh. Kairav calls Naksh and inquires for Mumma. Naksh says Naira is not at home, she moved outside. Kairav says inform her that we’re likely to meet with football Sir. Kartik says do not worry she does not forget anything.

They state Naira is the very best. Vedika feels unhappy. Naira arrives at the hospital and sees Umesh into Pallavi’s cottage. She says that my phone is away I’d have listed this, I can not come out Pallavi and Vedika is going to be alert.

She claims and hides sister I will be identified by Sunita. Umesh asks for Pallavi. The nurse asks him to wait. Pallavi comes. Kairav says we had fun that afternoon, when will we choose a picture, shall we proceed.

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