Rita Ora accused of ‘black fishing’ after fans shocked to realise both her parents are white

“Black fishing” is habituated to describe the procedure by that (frequently) white citizens utilize makeup, cosmetic methods & extra to paint themselves as racially ambiguous, frequently as a way to make themselves look extra “edgy” (or) for a perceived level of clout. Different citizens who were named out for similar behavior contain Kim Kardashian (and a lot of) the rest of her family, along with Ariana Grande.

Awhile some of the aspects of “black fishing” seem to be part of a larger trend towards racial ambiguity as resisted to specifically trying to seem “Black”, the total problem is that of someone trying to dress up as the other ethnicity.

Citizens on Twitter have been newly surprised that Ora is not Black (or) blended race, however rather of white Albanian heritage.

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