6 Reasons Why Enamel Pins are Increasing in Popularity Right Now

Customized enamel pins have become a modern-day fashion staple and for good reason. They make an excellent accessory that looks great anywhere you place it–from lanyards to backpacks or hats – plus, they are easy to use.

Here’s why these pins are so important in today’s life:

1. The Variety Found in Their Design

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Have you ever noticed the plethora of enamel pins out there that reference popular cartoon shows such as The Simpsons or Rick & Morty? Or those containing emojis and memes? Well, let me tell you – the design possibilities for these adorable pins are virtually infinite.

Embrace your individuality with stylish enamel pins! Whether you’re a part of the goth scene, or simply looking for something cutesy and cute – there are countless pins available to showcase your unique style. Plus, subcultures like punk have their own exclusive fashion-forward designs tailored just for them. With so many choices at hand, it’s time to make a statement that speaks volumes about who you really are.

Pins are an opportunity to let your creativity and style shine! They’re small enough to fit into anything, plus their design is limitless – so you can truly allow your imagination to take flight. With enamel pins, there’s no limit on how far you can go in creating something unique and special.

2. The Creators and Designers Behind Them

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Vivipins have skyrocketed to becoming Instagram stars due to their amazing designs. A number of these geniuses graduated from prestigious universities, and after finding success with creating enamel pins, some of them even left successful jobs in order to pursue this craft full-time. These creators are highly sought after at exhibitions all over the world, like New York and Berlin; people line up just for a brief chance to meet them! It’s no wonder why they’ve achieved so much recognition – crafting beautiful customized pins is an art form that should be celebrated.

Professional and experienced designers craft enamel pins that are far superior to those designed by amateurs; they possess the technical expertise and understanding necessary to create remarkable, long-lasting pins. Moreover, they only use quality materials when designing their one-of-a-kind accessories– ensuring a product of lasting durability. Although these professionals may be driven by money in some cases, many consider themselves artists who develop each pin with passion out of love for the art form itself. Even though many people are involved in the process, they refuse to consider it a competition. From development to delivery and promotion, each team member is responsible for their own part of the project.

3. The Celebrities Who Wear Them

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Enamel pins have evolved into an exclusive commodity for certain individuals. Artists and creators became famous through Instagram, by displaying their original designs. Soon after celebrities followed suit in this trend as well.

Kim Kardashian, world-renowned entrepreneur, model, and wife of Kanye West is renowned for her mastery in the art of accessorizing. From appearing clad in enamel pins on Keeping Up with The Kardashians to offering exclusive designs via her very own website – nothing goes unnoticed by Mrs. K! Her unique creations are limited edition items highly sought after throughout the fashion industry.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have embraced enamel pins as a trendsetter accessory, representing status and style. This has caused the entire culture around these items to skyrocket in popularity.

4. The Exclusivity of Some of Their Designs

Representing small works of art, these items have evolved from humble DIY accessories to become something much more sophisticated and esteemed. Although the majority are priced between $8-$12 dollars, a few fetch higher prices reflecting their remarkable craftsmanship.

In cities like New York and Los Angeles, some artists have created select pieces that come at a steep price. They range from $500 to an astonishing $1000 for certain designs. Not only are these works of art crafted by exceptional minds, but many also contain real gold and diamonds.

It’s clear that the enamel pin industry has flourished over time and is no longer a niche product. Although once DIY, talented artisans have revolutionized them into something even more impressive. This transformation proves just how dedicated these artists are to their craft.

5. The Versatility in How You Can Wear Them

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Enamel pins are coveted for their versatility. These subtle accessories can be worn in abundance and at various areas of the body, unlike larger statement pieces that may only be worn a few times.

For example, enamel pins are often used in denim and leather jackets to add a touch of style. However, they can also be utilized for other purposes beyond just being worn on clothing! They make an excellent accessory no matter the context – there really is no limit when it comes to how you can show off your favorite design or slogan with these versatile pins.

Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated in any backpack, purse, or satchel; but with a variety of sizes and shapes available you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your every need. Keep them close by so you can take them wherever life leads!

6. The Events Associated with Enamel Pins

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Custom lapel pins have become more than just a trendy accessory. They are now something to be featured and celebrated at exclusive VIP events in multiple locations around the world! As the designs themselves evolve, so does the culture surrounding them – making these pins an ever-growing trend that is here to stay.

The inaugural New York Pin and Patch Show was an amazing success! The event, which took place in a gallery space, had people queuing up for hours. Initially, it held 100 attendees but by the end of the night, more than 2,000 guests were enjoying what this fabulous show had to offer.

Here, renowned and emerging artists unveiled their latest creations to a captivated audience. Events like these have come to define the art form as an entire subculture – people from distant corners of the world are drawn here to meet celebrated painters and designers.


Enamel pins are an incredible trend that has taken the entire world by storm. Not only are they easy to wear and style, but also beautiful works of art! With these amazing little accessories, you can express yourself in your own unique way. In conclusion, there is no doubt enamel pins have become a global phenomenon for many fashion lovers around the world. The fervor for these specially designed pins has just started, and it will keep on growing. Moreover, renowned experts in the business continue to put together exclusive events to celebrate its success.

People like Kim Kardashian sell customized enamel pins, and she isn’t going to be the only one. We can expect a lot more celebrities to join in this fashion. This new world of designer-created enamel pins will only grow now.