Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Protects Rudra

The Daily episode begins with Balraj scolding Rudra. He states I won’t let you accomplish this foolishness. Rudra states fine, I won’t accomplish any concert, recording, ad (or) music declare, I’ll block singing, our amount & business going to end.

I got (1) a opportunity to full studies, in case you snatch the opportunity, afterwards you’ve to pay a big cost. Balraj rises hand on him. Prisha holds his own hand. Yuvraj states gratitude Mr. Rahul Arora, you named me for this interview, it’ll be an honor to work (5) for you.

Rahul states you’re over qualified for this job, you were a judge & reputed lawyer, you need to work (5) as a legal advisor. Yuvraj states its my dream, I’ve always fought for fact, I left the judge’s post, I don’t lie, I’ve numerous ambitions.

I wanted to apply in your firm, you’ll really know that I m a great lawyer. Rahul states you’re a big liar, I identified out everything regarding you, you didn’t resign from judge’s post, you have been discontinued, afterwards you got (1) banned from law practise.

Balraj requests just how dare you hold my hand. He rises hand on her. She shouts don’t dare…. Everybody looks on. She states don’t make this error to rise hand on me, else I’ll gain you jailed, you obliged me to block you.

just how dare you rise hand on your son, did you watch yourself, you really know your fact, you’ve beat up Rudra when he has been a child, you didn’t let him participate educational institution, you snatched his own childhood, he’s right.

you’re selfish, you handled him like a note printing machine, not a person, you must be ashamed to be such a dad. Ahana states Prisha…

Prisha states shut up, don’t talk in between. She states Rudra is an adult as of now, he’ll decide for himself, he’ll full his own studies. Balraj states who’re you to stand as a wall between us. She states Mrs. Rudraksh Khurana, Rudraksh’s legal spouse.

Rudra looks in her. She requests Balraj not to talk of status. She warns him of police. Ahana states please block, Prisha what are you informing. She stops Balraj from getting angry. She begs him not to say anything as of now. Balraj goes. Ahana states Prisha, behave. She goes.

Rudra sees Prisha. Saransh praises her. Rudra goes. Sharda worries. Rahul states I really know you filled all this unfair information, I named you to watch just how much could you lie to gain this job, gain lost from here. Yuvraj gets angry.

He states call the guards, police going to come to detain you, I’ve also checked your past before coming here, you own a big firm, this luxurious home, you’d have finished a lot, also unfair work (5), remember, your head workplace captured fire previous year. He smiles.

Prisha comes & states I shouldn’t speak like that, unfair is unfair, your dad is unfair, I couldn’t tolerate that, sorry. Rudra cries & hugs her. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays…. He states Rajeev also couldn’t protect me, what you did today.

I felt alone always, however I feel I m not alone, appreciate you Prisha. Prisha states don’t appreciate me, till I m in your personal life, I’ll always help you, gratitude, you joined educational institution & demonstrated courage.

Sharda comes & states Balraj going to take (2) it as an offend, don’t really know what going to he accomplish. Prisha states in case we gain scared, going to Saransh also stay in fear. Rudra states no, I’ll give an answer to dad. Prisha states we all are with you. Saransh states we’re a family (4), assure. They hold hands & smile.

Yuvraj states your partners have been trapped in recording studio, you wanted to becomes superhero & safeguard them, citizens suspended them, you’d to safeguard something precious, legal papers, you can have becomes only boss of the business.

your partners passed away, you had become rich, are you the boss (or) murderer, maybe both, next time, don’t give me lecture regarding fact & lie, I locate it boring, we’ve something common, Rudraksh Khurana, your largest competitor, he earns a lot, I really know you failed to delete him.

because you didn’t had Yuvraj with you, your amount & my mind, we could delete him. Rahul requests what did he accomplish. Yuvraj states he deceived me & wedded my would be spouse, he’s my precious thing, I’ve to gain it, tell me, join hands with me.

Rahul shakes hands. He states enemy’s enemy is friend, welcome aboard. Yuvraj smiles.

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