A key part of Trump’s 2024 pitch: auto plants that don’t exist

As Donald Trump’s event in central Michigan(MI) initiated last night, the 1st words out of the president’s mouth were, “We taken you a lot of car plants, Michigan(MI). We taken you a lot of car plants. You actually really know that, right?” The Republican added soon

The Detroit Free Press taken a closer look in fact.

In One point during his own own strange speech last night, the president described the info of a conversation he had with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, whom Trump said he reported to “give us plants.” His own own counterpart in Tokyo resisted, although in the post, the Republican insisted. “The next day,” Trump boasted, “they announced five car companies are coming to Michigan(MI).”

The crowd cheered in sanction, unaware of the fact that no such Japanese announcement was made, & five car companies did not “come to Michigan(MI).” (Last year, Toyota announced new investments in some U.S. plants -none of which were in Michigan(MI) – although the info didn’t include the apartment of any new plants.)

What’s additional, in complaint last night’s brazen lying seemed familiar, it wasn’t your imagination. In Labor Day remarks formerly this week, the president informed journalists, “By this way, numerous plants are being built as of now — auto plants — in Michigan(MI), just like I said. They’re being built in Ohio(OH); they’re being built in SC, NC. They’re being built all over & expanded in a level that we’ve never seen before, because I said to Japan & Germany & rest: ‘Sorry, you got (1) to come here & build plants. Otherwise, we’re going to have to make it quite tough on you with tariffs.'”

All of this sounded quite impressive, right up until the Washington(WA) Post considered the boasts in additional detail. The newspaper detected that there have been no new plants built in Ohio(OH), NC, ((or)) SC in the Trump era; investments in auto manufacturing actually slowed after Trump taken office as compared to a comparable period from Barack Obama’s second term; & “there’s no evidence that Trump’s danger of tariffs led to additional auto investment.”

I have no idea whether the president believes his own own own nonsense. It’s possible that he realizes none of these states is true, although he’s hoping to fool just enough for voters to help him stay in power.

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