Oxygen cylinder blast at Gadwal creates panic among patients

Hyderabad(Hyd): Panic gripped Jogulamba Gadwal dist. local hospital (3) after the leakge of Oxygen from cylinder making a loud noise. All this the sufferers have been dashed out because of a leakage within the hospital (3)’s kids’s ward.

Krishnaiah, a resident of Athmakur has been on ventilator help however he managed to run far from the hospital (3) following that he suffered serious breathlessness & passed away.

The Sufferers, hospital (3) employees & doctors had an flee & no 1 has been inured during this incident. Firefighters dashed to the scene after learning regarding the crash.

Although firefighters have been pressed into service however they retreated as there has been no fire.

As per the sufferers confessed within the hospital (3), there has been a massive leakage from that cylinder & the smoke initiated.