No plans to speak to Chinese president: Donald Trump

Washington(WA): US President Donald Trump on Tue. stated of late he’s not spoken with his own Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping & has no schedules to accomplish so.

“No, I’ve not spoken to him, 1. No, I don’t. I’ve no schedule to speak to them,” Trump informed journalists in a White Home press conference.

He expressed anger over China’s inability to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 out of the nation, from where it originated.

“Make no error, we hold China fully accountable for concealing the infection & unleashing it upon the globe. Can have suspended it, they must have suspended,” Trump stated as he also lashed out in the Globe Health Company (WHO) for siding with China on this problem.

“They have been actually a puppet of China,” he stated.

Trump also slammed previous vice president Joe Biden, who’s his own Democratic challenger within the Nov presidential polls, for being “soft” on China.

“By contrast, my administration performed quite early to ban travel from China, from Europe, saving all of these lives. Incredible. & I need everybody to really know, I need each citizen to really know that we’re utilizing the complete power of the federal govt to fight that China infection & keep our citizens safe. Using Operation Warp Speed, we’ll deliver a vaccine in record-breaking time,” he stated.

“He (Biden) stated the idea that China is our competition is actually bizarre. He’s actually bizarre. He stated China is not an issue. No. Nobody has ripped us off over China in the past 25, 30 yrs., nobody close, & he states China is not an issue. As of now, he takes it all back. As of now, he wants to be mister hard person. However for yrs., 47 yrs., he never went out over China, never stated anything bad, just the opposite,” the president stated.

He stated Biden expresses extra fawning praise regarding China on an ordinary day than regarding America.

“On Jul 4, Biden assaulted the United States & stated we’d never lived as many as the ideals of our fathers, our forefathers (or) our founding fathers, those founding ideals, & yet he eagerly said that China is a nice country & we must hope for its continued extension. Well, we all wish well to China, however what China has unleashed on the globe, it’s tough to even fathom.

“Biden sides with China over America time & time again. & he stated on Jul Four that American biography is no fairy tale, & yet blindly celebrates China, informing quite a few countries in biography have come till now, so fast. He’s so proud of them. He’s so proud of them. As of now Joe Biden is pushing a platform that would demolish the US economy, totally demolish it,” Trump stated.