Kumkum Bhagya 23 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Maya’s Father And Uncle Get Arrested

Within the next daily episode of the show, Kumkum Bhagya we’ll watch just how Pragya stops the wedding & requests the police to not touch her daughter. The police step back in order to know the status.

Meantime, Prachi begins accusing Maya. She states that Maya is the 1 who didn’t need to Wednesday Ranbir. She also states that Maya has a boyfriend & is already dedicated.

Maya’s mom requests Prachi to shut up & informs her to block cunning. However Prachi informs that Maya’s boyfriend is with them & he’ll disclose the fact.

Furthermore, we watch just how Shahana & Aryan bring Rahul & everybody sees that he’s out of his own stupor.

Prachi begins requesting him to tell the fact however he doesn’t say anything. When Maya’s uncle requests the police to detain Prachi & states that Maya’s wedding going to continue, Rahul stops them.

He states that Maya is his own girlfriend & he doesn’t need her to Wednesday anybody. Maya stays silent. Maya’s uncle gets frustrated & shoots Rahul within the arm.

Maya gasps & rushes forth. She tries to support Rahul & states out loud that she loves him!

On the different hand, Aliya consoles Rhea & informs her the fact. She informs her that Prachi has been within the mandap however the wedding didn’t go using. Abhi also tries to console Rhea & cracks jokes for her.

Meantime, Maya states that her uncle & dad must gain detained as they have been enforcing her to marry Ranbir. she states that she’d problem an announcement.

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