Kundali Bhagya 15th January 2024 Update: Sherlin & Maira Plan to Murder Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 15th January 2024 Episode Written Update;

Janki provides Bi jee her medication, Sarla is continually taking a look at the doorway, Bi jee cites that Preeta texted her she will return whenever you can, Sarla claims that she’s concerned about Shrishti because she’s still not back.

Janki wonder whether she needs to tell everybody that Shrishti has been with Sameer, Bi jee inquires when she understands then should notify them equally, Preeta enters the home, Sarla promptly asks her when she wasn’t teased, Preeta cites that everybody admired her and they didn’t say anything to her, she clarifies that Dadi is feeling a whole lot better but she may need to pick the treatment tomorrow too.

Shrishti is currently standing out wondering what was from the bag.

Karan is driving his vehicle, he’s always thinking of those minutes which were spent Preeta, he then eliminates the seatbelt and enters the home, Ganesh is about the telephone and hands karan requesting that he speak to it, Karan remains in his own ideas so begins to dance with himthen leaves after licking his brow, Ganesh is so pleased to find that karan is relaxed and understands hat it’s all due to Preeta.

Sherlin is at her area, Maira enters describing she heard equally karan and Preeta speaking and it appeared there was nothing wrong between them, she’s really worried and so believes that she’ll kill her until the tensions between both finish, she chooses the glass and drains the water.

Sherlin clarifies she has taken the ideal choice, Maira is adamant to be certain Preeta is dead so asks Sherlin for your strategy she explains that they’ll need somebody’s help, Maira states that she could do anything that she needs but it ought to look to be a crash,

She clarifies that everybody will feel unhappy after Preeta expires and shout for her will end, Karan will even feel awful and might require a shoulder to lean on which she’ll supply and thus make her mark on his soul, She thinks of arranging a road crash, Sherlin guarantees her help and they talk that they will take action tomorrow when Preeta is coming to the treatment.
Preeta is at the kitchen eating ice cream, Shrishti comes and scares her from asking where the tote is, as she ahs hunted the whole area but is unable to locate it, Preeta attempts to deny it Shrishti claims that she’ll telephone Sarla, subsequently Preeta becomes tensed stating that Karan gave her bag and there’s nothing but some Dupattas, Shrishti claims this is fantastic news because he is attempting to fix his errors, She asks how everyone treated her in the home, Preeta cites that everybody was fine, Dadi even hugged her that made her feel welcomed, Shrishti teases her stating that she needs to request karan to present her a new cellphone as Sameer broke her Preeta asks when she wants java, Shrishti miracles that all will soon be fine.
Sherlin and Maira are in the vehicle, Maria asks what they’re doing here, A guy comes and greets them that makes Maira worried as he’s really frightening, Sherlin orders he go ahead and they’ll accompany him, Sherlin hands him the cash and if they affirm it is Preeta he clarifies that he’ll make it look like an accident and has to wait.
Bi jee is requesting Sarla at which the paper is, Preeta brings it describing that Shrishti took it that she could observe that evidence, Bi jee states that she is able to say it knows that it could be the those belonging to her celebrity will be scolded by their own mom, Bi jee asks where she’s goingshe explains that she’s likely to Dadi, Sarla comes requesting Preeta to consume yogurt as it could be advantageous and she asks that Preeta send Shrishti back as she is in the neighborhood marketplace eating snacks, she’s determined to scold and struck Shrishti, hearing that equally Preeta and Bi jee burst into laughter, Sarla inquires why she’s laughing, Bi jee doesn’t answer which angers her and if Bi jee asks why she’s tensed, she explains that she’s concerned the Luthra’s won’t treat her so because she knows of three or more people there who may attempt to hurt her such as Karina, Sherlin and currently Maira.
Sherlin is using Maira at the vehicle, Sherlin inquires why Maira is considering her like that, Maira clarifies that she’s not associated with her why is she doing so, Sherlin clarifies that this is only because she does not want anybody to share the love she receives, Maira wants her to tell the narrative and explains that she does not desire her to come in between Karan and her entire life as she’s ruined her life when she inquired if Preeta desired to remain together with karan, Sherlin states that she would like to hurt Preeta because her husband is madly in love with her husband, Maira backs off where Sherlin believes there is not any value of fact, She pleads with Maira to allow her focus explaining the opportunity to kill Preeta has arrived.

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