1 month of Secretariat mosques demolition: TRS takes no action

Hyderabad(Hyd): After 1 mo of demolishing the historical mosques of the old Secretariat apartment, there is no action taken by this state till now. In spite of raising anger amongst the Muslim society, TRS is heedless towards the violation of religious feelings of citizens.

The demolition has been initiated after the High Court(H.C) along with the Supreme court had given a nod within the issue on Jul 7. The mosques’ workers said ‘the officials didn’t let them enter the mosques to take (2) religious books & prayer mats outdoor before their own annihilation.’

Besides, the Muazzin & Imaam of the mosques are still not permitted to enter the apartment. Waqf board has been also not reported, the LD Daily Urdu recorded .

With mosques, a temple has been also dismantled, although, unlike mosques, all of its belongings & idols have been cautiously preserved.

The 2 mosques have been spread in 646.70 square yards. A temple inside the Secretariat has been also taken down.

Opposition chiefs from Congress had criticized the act, awhile the BJP chiefs inquired the Telangana (TL) CM to build the other temple in exactly the same location. Muslim chiefs also demonstrated their own anger & stated that they’d discussed the CM to be ‘secular’.

All India(In) Majlis-e-ittehad-ul-Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi condemned demolition of mosques & the temple calling for an detain of the contractor.