Najaf Ali khan urges TRS govt to impose lockdown

Hyderabad(Hyd): Najaf Ali Khan, grandson of the previous ruler Mir Osman Ali khan (Nizam VII) had appealed TRS govt to make sure the best facilities & timely treatment to Corona sufferers.

Najaf Ali Khan stated, “Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur had made available all possible infra-structure in hospitals & different institutions throughout his own reign, however it was ignored over the yrs. by multiple administrations.”

He added further, “My grandfather H.E.H. Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur Nizam VII have given to the state the finest of Infrastructures be it Hospitals, Educational Intuitions, and so on. Hyderabad(Hyd), from over 100 yrs. has had the finest infra in hospitals like Osmania, Unani, Fever, NIMS and so on.

As the govts turned, the administration ignored the upkeep of these hospitals that resulted in them being in a dilapidated state & the common person suffering.”

He furthermore had appealed the TRS govt to enforce lock-down again. He furthermore believes that  the raise of instances, sufferers are facing challenges to gain confessed within the Hospitals & those in crucial circumstances are racing from pillar to post for admissions for hospital (3) berths & are ultimately losing their own loved ones.

He also thanked the doctors & medical employees for their own around the clock solutions, specially for fighting the COVID-19 epidemic from that frontline.

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