3rd Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will take place on 5th July 2024

Hyderabad(Hyd): A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse going to take (2) place on 05 Jul 2024. The eclipse going to begin in about 8.37 a.m. & going to go on until 11.22 a.m. approaching its maximum at 9.59 a.m.

This eclipse is not visible from India(In) stated Dr. B.G. Siddharth Director B.M. Birla Science Center Hyderabad(Hyd).

A Penumbral eclipse occurs when Earth’s outer shadow falls on the moon’s face & is not a quite noticeable sight. The lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon arrives the shadow of the Earth.

The shadow of the Earth in a gap of Moon has 2 areas named Umbra & Penumbra.

As per Dr. Arvind Paranjpye Director Nehru Planetarium Mumbai (Bombay) Umbra is the darkest part of the shadow & penumbra is a light dull shadow about umbral shadow.

The lunar eclipse on fifth of Jul 2024 is the 3rd penumbral eclipse.  This eclipse won’t be visible from India(In) as it’ll be day time over IndiaThis eclipse going to be visible from North & South America & western Africa.The eclipse going to last for regarding two hrs & 45 minutes.

It’ll begin in about 8.37 am IST  going to go on until 11.22 am IST. The maximum eclipse going to be in 9:59 am IST.  A Lunar Eclipse takes place on a Complete Moon day when the Moon increases within the East exactly as the Sunday sets within the West. The most severe impact would be a raise in tide so that fishermen (or) remaining going to the sea going to have to be careful.

Dr. Arvind Paranjpye reported that next possible Lunar eclipse going to be on Nov 30 this yr. Again this won’t be visible from India(In). The other overall Solar Eclipse going to take (2) place on Dec 14 that won’t be visible in India(In) however going to be visible in South America with the track passing over Argentina he added further.

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