Meri Gudiya 7th January 2024 Update: Ratri Decides to Kill Avi

With Avi telling the Issue the Episode Begins. Ratri asks how can somebody bully you, let’s do something, I also make that boy and will come to your buddy he’ll look after you, we will head to perform with.

Avi states okay. Avi asks her to carry her she needs things to take to college. Ratri states okay. Avi informs. Ratri says alright, exactly where did I catch you I’ll fulfill your desire, but see.

Avi says it’s my fav location, how can you know that mother used to get me. Ratri says the heart of your mum comes to me, you enjoy playing seek and hide here. She makes a phone.

Ratri requests Avi to be seen by him. Avi says we will play seek and hide, come. Raghav says I’m fine, you like. Ratri states fine. Pari seems on. Everybody dines, its nighttime. Avi’s fav meals are got by Ratri.

She is thanked by Avi. Shaurya seems on. Turanta says the meals will be served by me. Ratri says allow me to serve it. She inquires Avi say can it be and to flavor it. Avi enjoys it and also tastes the food.

Avi says Ratri will teach a lesson. Maa believes you’ve won us all we are pleased if Avi is joyful. Raghav thanks Ratri.

He requests Ratri to sit. Avi says you can not sit the chair of mum. Ratri inquires but why. Avi says its my mum’s location, not one can sit. It’s at this time although ratri states. Avi makes the ring sit on the seat.

She states Pari will sit, the seat is not vacant. Ratri states I need to sit alongside you. Her stops. Raghav says do not speak like this, say sorry to Ratri. Avi says no. Raghav believes she’s an outsider, she says sorry, did not know it and finish the issue.

Avi cries for her mother. She states daddy scolds me. Madhuri states not her behavior, Raghav, sees the emotions of Avi.

Raghav says you’re a woman that is fantastic, Ratri does a great deal for you, say sorry. Avi says you are poor, I really don’t wish to speak. Avi goes and takes Pari.

Ratri says for me, she will be convinced by me she got angry. She belongs. She states I need to kill Avi and predicts Adrika, she intimidates me I’ll take the place of Madhuri. Adrika states do what you desire.

Raghav yells and says I do not understand how to relaxation Avi she shares her fantasies and difficulties with me, she shared matters with Ratri, I desired her to tell me, she ought to be familiar with me, I’m failing on each measure, Avi is becoming scared, I’m scolding her.

Maa believes the answer is to converse to love and cries, they do not express their feelings. Ratri applies something to her palms. She belongs to Avi. Madhuri believes hands do not shake.

Raghav stops and states that I m perplexed about you, is that just coincidence that you simply scolded Avi two, the motive was Ratri. Raghav says its obligation to teach behavior. Shaurya says the emotion of its Avi, I need the same. Raghav says you believe I wish to donate the location of Madhuri I will reply to you.

Ratri goes to signature Avi. Raghav comes. The toxin cleans. Avi consoles. He asks her to consider Madhuri. Avi claims sorry. She inquires Ratri to guarantee, she’ll never sit Madhuri’s place. Ratri claims sorry. Avi asks her sleep to be made by Raghav.

Madhuri believes to keep an eye. Maa cries seeing the pic of Madhuri. Shaurya arrives to her. He states I maintain, I can not tolerate. She asks. He says Raghav did not tell me I do not feel unhappy.

I repent about something different, how shall I say that Raghav is falling under Ratri’s sway, there’s some preparation, the manner Ratri is winning our soul, it demonstrates that she would like to shoot Madhuri’s location.

Maa believes its anybody, no Shaurya. He says I know what you’re thinking, Ratri has been the best buddy of dad, she’s attempting to fill joy she’s currently pretending it, I’m fearful that the spot of Madhuri will be taken by her. Maa worries.

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