Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th January 2024 Update: Guddan Sees AJ With Antra

Guddan states that he took mine and sees AJ’s telephone. He is called by her he does not pick. Guddan says that my phone is quiet. His mobile phone might be needed by him. I need to go and give it to him.

Suddenly winds blow. Is destroyed. The cake rests on the ground. Guddan is mad. Saru says that this occurs and comes, things are destroyed within an instant. We believe everything is ideal, yet it is all over in an instant.

Guddan says that I just talked about the installation. Guddan says I do not have time. I want to reunite the phone from AJ. Saru states what type of wife are you? You’ve got your husband’s telephone number.

Why not check it? Husbands cheat on them when wives are pregnant. This is your opportunity, check it. Guddan says AJ is not like every other person. I hope for him. And he trusts me.

You can not work with your thoughts here. She leaves. Saru says it is going to be interesting to see your marriage is ruined by Antra.

Guddan states how do people develop things such as these. Why would I assess the telephone of AJ? I trust him. Durga states where are you moving? Guddan claims to reunite the phone of AJ. Durga says I’ll go with you.

These are your days. Please do not take the strain. Guddan states hints are being given by a DIL. Durga states AJ has requested to not allow you to take any strain. Guddan says I must take him flowers.

Durga says he’d love it. Guddan says now if he comes back, he’ll observe a Guddan who does not take anxiety. I will make him happy he’ll overlook the catastrophe of Alisha. Durga says you are able to do anything. Guddan says let us go.

Guddan arrives at the office of AJ. She says I needed to fulfill with AJ. Telephone him outdoors. The secretary says now, sir did not arrive at the restaurant. Guddan states he had a meeting. The secretary says he put the meetings to get an issue on hold.

Does Durga state what matter you don’t understand? Call him, please. Guddan calls however he does not pick. Guddan states where would he go? Can Antra do anything? Durga says she’s in jail.

Durga says let us go home. Guddan says I am concerned. We ought to go and find him. His site can be seen by me. Let us go there.

AJ is at a location that is deserted. Where’s she, he states? Guddan is currently waiting for me. Antra states are Guddan and comes there? AJ says that she ought to be and she’s better.

Antra says that I want you to live with your little one. I really don’t deserve a house. AJ says I expect the reduction of Alisha has made you a much better individual. I am hoping that is the situation. Guddan says I am concerned. Why could he come to a place like this? Durga says he’d be OK.

AJ states why did you call me? This is the time you and I are meeting. I’ve organized what and your passport. Say exactly what you would like. Antra sees the car. Antra says one final hug. AJ states that can not occur.

Alisha is said for by antra? AJ says we are not alike. I’m not just like you. AJ says we’re distinct. Antra says please for Alisha. Anything is said by AJ. Antra and he hug. Durga says AJ.

Who’s he currently hugging? Guddan sees AJ with Antra and gets out of their car. Guddan is shocked. Durga is dazed. Guddan is seen by AJ. Guddan recalls Alisha and AJ. AJ says listen Guddan.

It is not what you believe. Let us go home, I’ll tell everything to you. I’ve done this to our baby and you. Please try to know. I understand what are you thinking. Guddan recalls claims being made by AJ.

AJ states are you currently? Guddan pushes against him. AJ says you’ve got to listen. Trust me, please. It is not what you believe. I did so to maintain Antra away. Guddan sits in her vehicle. AJ states Guddan please hear. He yells. Durga and guddan leave.

Next Scene
Guddan is currently yelling. Durga attempts to console her. AJ comes residence. Dadi states are it true what Durga explained to me? AJ says I want to inform Guddan, I’ll explain everything. Antra is said to by dadi. You? Are you not? What’s currently happening here?

Antra says that I will describe to you everything. Saru claims that this home is so dull without you. I’m glad you are back. The sixer which you struck on time and you murdered your daughter.

Durga says closed Saru up. And also you, tell us what’s the side of this story? Antra says nothing was planned by me. AJ asked me. Durga states AJ would never ask you. Antra says that he could do anything.

Guddan thinks Alisha was murdered by me. And she thinks her kid would be killed by me. How do I kill my princess? How do I do the exact same? Thank God AJ understood. He understood I won’t be trusted by Guddan.

He requested me to assist him and that I did. Can I go wrong? Dadi says closed up. Guddan will be talked to by AJ. Their connection is not feeble. You can not come between them. They are trusted by me.

AJ states please hope me Guddan. Please try to know. I moved to our baby and you. A thing breaks and states mend it? It is tied by him. This knot lets you know that it had been broken although guddan says it.

It is not as powerful as we all thought it had been. It’s similar to our relationship which has a knot.

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