Meri Gudiya 21st January 2024 Episode Update: Ratri Implements Her Plan

Meri Gudiya 21st January 2024 Episode Written Update;

The 21st Jan episode starts with Raghav asking Avi to open her little eyes and speak to her. Shaurya calls the family doctor to home urgently. Maa goes to pray god. The doctor arrives and checks Avi’s health. He tells them to call an ambulance quickly. Pari starts crying.

Why are you giving her Cpr shaurya states? Madhuri prays. The toys produce and operate. Pari crawls like Madhuri into the toy car and pushes it. Turanta says the ambulance has arrived. Raghav asks. He inquires Shaurya to assist him.

Everybody and shaurya shout. The doctor says I’m sorry, Avi is longer. Madhuri comes there. Raghav asks Doctor to create Avi fine, he’ll give him. He begs the physician. Madhuri is within the doll Pari. Shaurya Requires Raghav.

Madhuri believes you’ve analyzed me a lot Maa. Pari falls and jumps over Avi. Her heartbeat is passed by Madhuri. Ratri says you did not do so right. Adrika says what is the use we must consider to receive her spirit to get our goal.

Ratri sees her hands shifting. She says maybe not so short, I believe that the potion could not alter nicely watch this. She runs and yells into Avi. Pari yells. She asks how do you go and yells.

She says I will leave you, you can not punish yourself, you need to return, I move and will not abandon you. Everyone appears and cries on.

Avi states Mumma… They get stunned. Ratri smiles. Maa cries. Madhuri believes I will not let anything else happen to you. Ratri says, your Mumma, I really don’t understand what could I do now if anything happened to you, assure me, you won’t do so.

Avi inquires what did I do, what occurred to me personally. Nothing is said by Ratri.

Maa believes she is. Raghav Requires Avi. Doctor states place down Avi. He inquires how can you feel and assesses Avi. Avi says great. Doctor says I believe she’s fine, I’ll come for check up at the day. Thanks doctor.

Adrika believes did Avi get nice. Maa Requires Avi. Shaurya asks Maa to not worry, he’ll speak to Guru ji. Driver says cab driver is awaiting, will I let him move. Adrika says quit him we must go.

Ratri states I must go and apologizes to Maa. Maa signals Raghav to prevent Ratri. Ratri stops. Her silence breaks and yells stop Bahu. Everybody becomes shocked. Ratri smiles.

Madhuri believes wrath was broken by you. Ratri believes to take revenge. She conducts to hugs and Maa. Raghav requests did your Maun wrath breaks.

Maa asks what will I do, will I let this happen, my wrath was supposed to save this family from incorrect, to not observe any catastrophe, my choice is correct, Avi obtained a mommy in Ratri, she’ll be my bahu and Raghav’s spouse. They get stunned. Madhuri seems on.

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