Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st January 2024 Update: Guddan Leaves the House

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st January 2024 Episode Update;

Antra is yelling AJ says the doorway, opens and comes out. Down the door divides and comes indoors. He states are you mad? Can you choose the life of Antra? Guddan says I shall kill her. She did this. AJ says she did not do anything. Guddan says that I was pregnant.

That kid wasn’t here. She did so to fool us. AJ says enough is not enough. Tales are being made by you. Guddan says she obtained that record created from my pregnancy. AJ says proceed out of here.

Enough of your lies. Guddan says she told me this. AJ says before I lose my head, depart. Guddan says I will not allow you to do this error. AJ says, Guddan states please listen. Please try to know.

AJ brings Antra into mandap. Guddan says please do not do so. AJ states stay away from me and push Guddan. Guddan states please stop. AJ states begin the mandap. It ought to begin end. Guddan says I’m your wife. He says you are my kid’s murderer.

Guddan says that she makes you exactly the individual that is egoistic. I would never kill my son or daughter. But that kid wasn’t there. I lost my mom. I understand what it seems. My child can never be harmed by me. I’ve been trying to tell you but you are not understanding. She tricked us to separate us.

My reality can’t be seen by you? She told me I can be hurt by her. Please do not leave me. Please trust me. AJ says hope? I can not think you stooped so low. You wished to mend them although you did errors.

However, what are you currently? AJ says you will need a physician. These are made stories up. Guddan states no it is not. This is the reality. Guddan states that this is really a lie. Our marriage would never finish. You are loved by me. AJ says you aren’t loved by me. Got it? Our love was killed by you.

We ought to steer clear of one another. I despise you. I’m ashamed that one was adored by me. You do not need to be my spouse, neither a mommy. You’re a woman from road. I gave everything to you.

Money, confidence, and a fantastic life. This title was wanted by the world. I gave you. You never deserved it. You do not even have to be called a mom. I gave you a second opportunity.

However, you predicted the existence of our kid a lie? You are dead for me. My kid has been murdered by you and you continue lying. You are saying that the child was not there in location? I’m with Antra. I despise you. Initiate the mantra.

AJ begins accepting rounds. Dadi states Guddan, please stop this wedding. Guddan stands in shock. Dadi says it will be stopped by me. Her hands stops. Antra comes in front for 3 rounds. Guddan is currently departing.

AJ says observe and remain this marriage end. Guddan states a girl that is useless can not observe a man just like your union. Guddan says I had been happy in these roads. My title is Guddan although my surname was Jindal. I’ll make my title. Perhaps not your surname.

Thanks for educating me that I want to be something by myself. I’m leaving. She leaves. Guddan states dadi, please. Statue is said by guddan. I prevent and would proceed. You have to be here for AJ. And matters, Antra alter with love. You are being married by AJ . To finish our relationship.

Marriages are based on love. Guddan states that this story is all about me and AJ. It is our love’s conquer. Congratulations in your shallow AJ and triumph, on his error. I will return. Everybody is in tears.

Guddan leaves. Guddan recalls AJ saying if I lose everything. She recalls her minutes. Guddan walks outside and smiles. Everybody is in tears.

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