Yeh Teri Galiyan 21st January 2024 Episode Update: Asmita Dies

Yeh Teri Galiyan 21st January 2024 Episode Written Update;

Asmita sets it and snatches the gun. Asmita says let us go Shan. They walk outside. Shekhawat chooses Krishi and pushes a box. He conducts. Asmita and shan run following Shekhawat.

Krishi states mama, papa please rescue me. Asmita says Krishi was taken by him there. They run after him. Shekhawat stops. Krishi states mama please rescue me. Shekhawat says will me stop.

Asmita claims to consider Nirvan. Give Krishi to me. Shekhawat says I do not care for him. He was embraced by me. He is not my son. I want you. You won’t be Shan if you can not be mine.

Krishi is slapped by shekhawat and she drops on a rock. Shekhawat says this woman will be killed by me. Due to her, you moved away from me. She must die. Shan and asmita come and run facing Krishi.

Shan is shoved by Asmita. The bullet strikes on her. Asmita drops. Asmita is screamed by shan. Authorities detain Shekhawat and come there. Nevi shout Asmita. Shan Attempts to visit Asmita.

He holds her hands. Asmita is perishing. Shan says I will not let anything happen to you. He says to call the ambulance. She is picked by shan. Shan yells and yells. Asmita says I do not have time.

Shan says do not say that. Asmita states I have the past couple of moments, I wish to live them. I’m while expiring on your arms and together with my Krishi. Shan says nothing could occur to you.

Asmita says I loved you all of my life. She recalls their youth. Asmita says I have a loved one. Each moment of my entire life. Asmita says that I will love you even.

The tune humari kahani. Shan remembers their minutes. Asmita says we did not devote a good deal of time. But those are minutes of my entire life. And Krishi is that’s evidence. Your Puchki must go.

Please take care of Krishi. Give her happiness in life. Her hands is held by shan. Asmita sobs. Asmita states you are actually loved by me. We are loved by krishi. She did much to unite us. Promise me you will not allow her sense that we weren’t together. She’s cried a good deal of us.

She should not know we could not be together. She’ll shatter. Do not let her understand that we’re parted. Do not let me die before her. You’ll keep me alive before her. For that, you’ll need to create Devika Asmita. Shan is shocked. Asmita says guarantee me. Shan says what exactly are you.

Asmita states you’ve got to make her Asmita. She was delivered by god. Shan says ambulance is coming. Do not say that. Asmita says it is too late. Asmita states I know that it’s difficult.

Asmita caresses his face and says you’ve got to take action. For our infant. You Need to create Devika Asmita. I must live for her. Promise me. Krishi won’t understand I’m not with her. I’m dead. Promise me you’ll give the love of both parents to her which we could have. Asmita claims to give her the ideal life.

This is my entire life. Asmita states you’ll continue to keep our narrative alive for our son or daughter.

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