Kundali Bhagya Written Update 31 August 2024: Sarla Slaps Prithvi, Forces Him To Leave

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira continues to offend Preeta awhile she’s leaving the Luthra Home. She warns to murder Preeta & her family (4) too for revenge. Karan gets angry & destroys his own room. Rishabh requests him to calm down & imagines regarding things from Preeta’s perspective. Karan believes that Preeta deserves to be handled badly by his own family (4). Prithvi goes to Preeta’s home to meet her mom Sarla. He informs her regarding Karan & Preeta’s wedding that upsets Sarla. Srishti takes Preeta far from Sherlyn & Mahira to go back house.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Sarla slaps Prithvi when he passes judgments regarding Preeta’s role. He tries to clarify to her that whatever he stated are things that citizens in community going to say too.

After Sarla requests Prithvi to leave, Janki holds his own hand & tries to make him walk out. Prithvi pushes Janki far away that angers Sarla. She takes Prithvi’s hand & enforces him out.

Within the Luthra home, Rakhi is regretting her call of letting Preeta go. Kareena shows up & informs Rakhi that she did the right thing by getting rid of Preeta.

Rakhi sees Karan crying & drinking alcohol. She also sees that he’s cut his own hand on the glass. She tries to console him & block him from drinking & hurting himself.

Preeta approaches house however Sarla rejects to welcome her. She gets angry & requests Preeta to leave the home because she’s just as bad as Karan as of now.

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