Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st July 2024 Episode Written Update: Riddhima Agrees For The Marriage

The Daily episode begins with Vansh speaking to Angre. Angre gets a golden lion. Vansh attaches the pendrive. He states consignment delivery going to be finished in an hour, no 1 going to really know regarding it, this shouldn’t go out from here, this has all this info to finish me, someone is here who’s trying to gain this info. Angre nods & maintains the lion pendrive back.

Maa states its not easy, Vansh’s past & his own injuries aren’t easy to heal. She states in case he gets adamant, afterwards he won’t listen to anybody, what in case Riddhima doesn’t agree to this alliance. Aryan imagines she refused me, she’ll really know what’s hell after marrying Vansh.

Siya states Riddhima didn’t open the door, I left the dress outdoor her dress. Ishani states such ladies don’t let this opportunity go, they watch richness. Vansh comes & states Ishani.

He states Riddhima is going to be bahu of this home, its your work to respect her, she’s going to becomes part of this family (4), you really know nothing is imp than family (4). Ishani states yes, you taught this to us. He requests didn’t Riddhima come. Chanchal requests did anybody inquire her in case she’s prepared for the marriage. Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words.

He states I’ll gain her. He goes.He sees Riddhima coming downstairs. He looks in her. Ishani states so predictable, the greed got (1) her here. Vansh states interesting, you’d hatred in eyes, you accepted so shortly, maybe you really know compromising. Riddhima states I m rised in an orphanage.

human could rebel, anger & gain stubborn to a level, afterwards he’s to compromise with status & make a way, I m doing that, you didn’t leave any opportunity for me. He states alright.

Maa states Siya informed me that you didn’t open the door, you’re prepared for this marriage…. Riddhima states you’re surprised that I accepted, not because your son is forcibly marrying me, I has been also surprised with this call, I really know Vansh doesn’t believe in marriage, however a lady always dreams of this day, when she gets shagun, the meaning of her personal life shifts, each rasam of marriage joins some of the relation, maybe you’re thinking its your call, its God’s wish that you ruled this.

I left myself to my God’s wish, I really know God going to always support me & show me the path, I mean he’ll make us approach our destination, so I accepted for this relation with this faith. Dadi states I m proud of you, I m relieved, its a blessing that you had come into Vansh’s personal life. She requests them to come for engagement.

Vansh & Riddhima sit for engagement. Riddhima imagines I’ve to accomplish this for Kabir, I could’t fall weak. Vansh makes her wear the ring. She recalls Kabir. She makes him wear the ring. Vansh imagines I could accomplish anything to really know your fact. Dadi requests them to come to temple. He states I don’t believe in God. Riddhima states however I accomplish, I’ll come & pray. Dadi makes Riddhima light the diya.

Riddhima recalls hearing Vansh’s words. She imagines I’ll make the secrets approach Kabir shortly, I stated yes for marriage, I’ll bring your fact out in three days, I’ll never marry, I’ll gain Vansh punished, its his own turn to watch his own personal life getting ruined, you’re proud of your mansion where you cage citizens.

I’ll send you to jail. She sees the shagun plate. She imagines you’ll gain hanged, you performed numerous games, however I swear on my love, I’ll finish you, you dream of the marriage, I’ll dream of ruining you & fulfil the dream. Ishani does tilak to Vansh.

Riddhima imagines its right time to go to that room, everybody is busy in Raksha bandhan. She states I’ve some of the work (5), I’ll just come. Dadi nods. Riddhima goes. Siya does tilak to Vansh & ties the rakhi. Vansh goes upstairs.

Riddhima checks the diaries. She doesn’t watch the golden lion. Vansh comes inside the research & looks about. She hides inside the cupboard.

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