Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Karan And Preeta Are Married Again

The circling is processing with Preeta walking ahead of Karan, she relapses of the moment when she has been wedded in her mothers hall, the Pandit requests them to sit as the circling is full, they both sit within the Mandap for furthermore rituals, Sameer wonders where Shrishti is as it was a long time.

Shrishti is getting ready the dupatta to tie the ft of Maira before she wakes up not knowing that Maira has already regained conscious & she hits Shrishti with a vase & tries to flee, Shrishti although does all that she could to block Maira from going within the Mandap.

The Pandit requests Karan to place the Mangal Sutur within the neck of the bride, the ritual is finished however Kartika is not in all happy with it as she wanted Preeta to be the spouse of Karan.

Shrishti rejects to let Maira go within the Mandap exclaiming that she’ll not let her ruin the personal life of Preeta her sister, Maira again hits her with a vase before racing out of the room & locking Shrishti inside. She’s wound & imagines of what she could accomplish so calls Sameer to come & support her, Sameer reads the sms before racing to support Shrishti.

The wedding is finished & the Pandit announces that they both are spouse & spouse, although Maira comes from behind informing that it couldn’t happen, everybody is stunned to watch that Maira is standing behind & they wonder who’s behind the veil & was wedded to Karan.

Sameer & Shrishti hear the scream of Maira, Sameer wonders what may have happened, Shrishti exclaims that it means that Preeta was wedded to karan & the wedding has completed.

Dadi & Sherlin also approach the Mandap however are stunned to watch Maira standing outdoor & wonder who’s behind the veil, Maira is unable to curb herself & so begins destroying the Mandap exclaiming that she doesnot need to believe this wedding & it shouldn’t have happened, Maira exclaims that she doesnot believe in this & so tries to hit Preeta however Karan hugs her, he protects her & himself gets wound.

Sanjana exclaims to Ramona that she alerted her that Preeta would ruin the wedding & she’d not let them both wedded, Sherlin requests Karan in case he understood Preeta has been the 1 behind the veil.

he hug her afterwards he exclaims that when everybody has been confused who’s behind the veil, he understood it has been her Karan states that he knows she has been the 1 to accomplish everything that she could to block the marriage with Maira, she even attempted to murder Maira within the hospital (3), he blames that Preeta is the 1 behind the crash of Mahesh.

Karan exclaims that she can’t be trusted & he could as of now trust a Nagin however Preeta can’t be trusted, Dadi requests karan to block wasting his own time because they all really know what kind a lady Preeta is, Karina references that she always felt that Preeta can’t go lower however she always amazes her & as of now has gone a lot lower afterwards their own expectations, Karina towards Rakhi exclaiming that she always habituated to say that Preeta is an honest & true pe5rson & can’t accomplish anything unfair so why is she quiet because Preeta has shown what she’s capable off.

Preeta requests what has she finished unfair as she’s only wedded her spouse twice, Karan rises his own finger caveat Preeta to not call him her spouse as their own wedding has been only an act.

Preeta imagines of just how she heard Sherlin & Maira scheduling to murder Mahesh, she imagines that everybody is educated within the Luthra family (4) even afterwards they can’t watch who’s unfair among them, Preeta begins crying, Shrishti states to karan that Preeta is the spouse of Karan & in case anybody offends her afterwards they’d be derogatory him, he exclaims that she’s not his own spouse as she’s cheated him.

Shrishti references that he also wedded her by cheating them all & it’s stated that a wedding only happens when both the families are present so they once got (1) wedded ahead of their own family (4) & as of now have wedded in his own home.

Maira calls out to her insisting that she shut up as she can’t talk to karan like this, she goes to the Pandit insisting that he announce this wedding as void because no 1 would believe it anyway, & they all really know that Mahesh uncle is now in this condition due to her & she has been the 1 to orcastrate the kidnapping of Rishab Luthra, they must all wonder what she could accomplish when she’s walking freely.

Rishab references that she must block blaming Preeta because both blame, she’s putting on Preeta is not true, Karan requests him to not talk ahead of him as it’s the issue of his own personal life, Rishab references that this is why he ahs to speak today, Karan holds Preeta’s hands mentioning that she must witness that both of them have gotten in a dispute due to her.

Rishab requests him to leave her hand however when he rejects Rishab is regarding to slap Karan although Preeta stops him mentioning that he shouldn’t speak in this issue in case he values their own friendship.

Dadi requests Preeta to emotionally blackmail them & block crying as it’s not contributing her, Shrishti requests Rakhi why is she quiet & not informing anything when her family (4) is blaming Preeta, Dadi requests Shrishti to block speaking as she’s the elder of this home & in case she again talks in between afterwards she’d be scolded by her.

Shrishti states to Preeta that in case she’s wedded Karan afterwards there would some of the agenda behind it, Karina states that she’s true first time as her sister has an agenda & it’s to gain all their own wealth, Dadi also agrees with Karina exclaiming that she also believes Preeta desires all their own amount.

Prithvi is now in his own home thinking what he’s finished because Sherlin is ticket to all this wealth & he must call to calm her down, he although imagines that she might be angry so he’d await for sometime.

Maira begins blaming Preeta exclaiming that she only desired to marry Karan & understood that Preeta wouldn’t let it happen that is why she wanted her out of the home however not Preeta has ruined their own wedding & she only wants the wealth for that she even sent the circular.

Preeta gets stunned & references that she never sent any circular that leaves everybody confused, even Rishab looks in her with amazement when she references that she never sent any circular.

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