Pixar’s New Teaser Video of ‘Soul’ Introduces Joe Gardner Character

Washington(WA) DC: Granting a little glimpse of the animated film, the makers of the Disney & Pixar’s ‘Soul’ dropped a brief teaser video footage on Sat., presenting the lead role Joe Gardner.

The brief one-minute long video footage starts with the main role Joe presenting himself as a middle educational institution band teacher.

“Music is personal life. You just want to really know where to look,” states Joe within the background. The main role is voiced by Jamie Foxx.

Following different snippets from that film, he sums: “Spend your precious hours doing what going to bring out the real you…the talented, passionate you that’s prepared to contribute something meaningful into this globe. Gain prepared, your personal life is regarding to begin.”

The animated movie, in short, revolves across the post of a middle educational institution teacher, who had a dream of continuing a career in jazz music.

The post takes a turn when he gets a chance to feature in the opening act in the Half Note Club & a life-threatening crash resulting in segregation of his own soul from his own body.

As per various, filmmakers from ‘Soul’, involving director Pete Docter, co-director & screenwriter Kemp Powers & producer Dana Murray, joined with American anthropologist & educator Dr. Johnnetta Cole & globally-renowned jazz pianist Jon Batiste to offer this view in the movie as a part of the Essence Festival of Culture throughout a virtual panel.

The teaser video footage also features the song ‘Parting Ways’, that has been written, produced, & played by Cody Chesnutt.

The upcoming animated film going to hit theaters on Nov 20. ‘Soul’ has been previously slated for a theatrical declare on Jun 19, although, urged back the dates owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.