COVID-19: Anand Mahindra’s Self-quarantine Innovative Idea Goes Viral on Twitter

Anand Mahindra shares on his Twitter today, how he is dealing with self-quarantine.

With the epidemic of this novel coronavirus, media is now the need of the hour. Several have begun working to protect themselves and to avoid public transport. As a result networking is full of netizens sharing manners, which they’ve embraced, to participate themselves.

It appears, motivated Anand Mahindra took to discuss a picture, remaining in your home and showing he’s been coping with distancing.

He shared that he’s begun committing subway channel names. He shared an image of a map, titled’Commuting in corona occasions’, which had the names of areas within the house and seemed like the road map of the subway.

He shared with the tweet together with the caption, “That really is spot on. I have begun giving Metro channel names. The area is Downtown Station. The dining area is Crawford Market Station and so on…”

From the picture, each place inside the house like bookshelf, mailbox, bedroom, toilet and refrigerator were correlated with lines of different colors.

It garnered about enjoys and went viral Following the Mahindra group chairman shared with the picture on Twitter.

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