Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Dadi comes to her room. Karina and Kritika were there and angry that Dadi took such a step. The two women fought in their house, and here Dadi spilt kerosene over her.

What if she was burnt?

Dadi requests Karina to listen to her. Kritika also cries that Dadi hurt her. Dadi tries to explain but no one listens to her.

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Kritika says when an elder would commit such an act, how will others handle fights. Dadi tells them she is fit and fine.

Karina continues her complain… Dadi silence her now. She says is there any smell of kerosene in her clothes? She says she did not spill any kerosene; it was water.

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She was helpless and had to stop the fight, she thought about threatening everyone. It was water not kerosene, but it silenced everyone. Kritika asks if Dadi also does such stunts.

Dadi says she will never die by kerosene; she is so young right now and wants grandchildren of Rishab and Karan. Karina says she now knows who Karan is after.

Dadi tells Karina to place Sarla’s laddu in Sargi. She sends Kritika to bring Karan. Kritika still takes Dadi’s promise that she would not do this again. Dadi hugs Kritika. Kritika says both women felt extremely guilty. Dadi goes to change.

Shrishti stops auto rickshaw on the streets. Sarla comes outside and asks Shrishti to hurry up. Ramoona was in the car nearby. She decides to show them their right place and revenge for her insult.

She accelerates her car in front of Sarla. The mud on street ruins Sarla’s dress. Ramoona laughs as if insulting. Shrishti tries to stop Ramoona and throws a brick on her car from behind.

Ramoona stops the car. Shrishti was furious how she dared threw mud over her dress. Sarla scolds Shrishti for behaving with elders like this.

Ramoona questions how dare Shrishti threw a stone on her car. She comes to scream at Shrishti. Shrishti questions how dare Ramoona spoilt her mother’s dress.

Sarla stops Shrishti, as the mud in inside of people come outside as well. She drags Shrishti into the autorickshaw. Shrishti threatens to throw the stone directly on her face next time.

Dadi shows dresses and jewelry to Karina for the Karwachauth. Karan comes to Dadi. Dadi tells him to talk sweetly today. He is married and must behave well with Preeta. Karan checks her fever. Karina says actually Rakhi wanted to say this. Dadi silence Karina as she ruins things. Dadi says Preeta will fast today….

Karina says Dadi is being a Grand Mother in Law for Preeta in place of Rakhi. Karan laughs. Dadi seriously tells him not to joke or tease Preeta at any cost.

She is strict about rituals, and she holds Rakhi as a daughter. She would only take rest if Dadi does the rituals. Karan asks what if Preeta does something wrong. Dadi says it will be for one day.

When she is fasting, he must bear with her. She is fasting to even elongate the life of their relation. Karina still intervenes that this is all Rakhi’s words.

Dadi takes Karan’s promise to be nice. Karan holds her hand as a promise and leaves. Karina silently wish Karan had married Mahira, then she would have been happy. It is Karan’s testimony as both Preeta and Mahira will fast for him.

In the room, Sherlin says sometimes she feels she knows Mahira. Mahira goes crazy to get whatever she has to; and she does. She wishes to be like Mahira.

Mahira says Sherlin took her wrong, getting Karan is her right. She will take real wedding rounds with Karan and be his legitimate wife. Karan was innocent as he did not know it was Preeta in the Mandap under veil with him, he married Mahira by heart. She will never let love blossom for Preeta in Karan’s heart.

Sherlin was sure her mom’s plan will work, and Karan will be hers. Mahira says no member of Luthra’s will ever be able to forget what happens. Tomorrow, Karan will oust Preeta from the house.

At home, Shrishti was furious about Ramoona’s words. Janki comes to Shrishti concerned that Sarla is furious. Shrishti tells Janki it was Mahira’s mother, Ramoona.

She wonders where Preeta got an attitude to never bear the wrong. She gets it from Sarla. Sarla countered Ramoona well in Luthra House. Afterwards, Ramoona flew mud over Sarla’s dress.

Shrishti says she also threw stones over her car. Janki asks about what happened in Luthra house. Shrishti says everyone was happy at Luthra House to welcome them. But then Mahira came repeating that she is Karan’s wife, Ramoona even repeated the same.

In the room, Preeta asks Karan if he has something in his heart. He can say what he wants to. She says if he is angry with her mother. Karan asks if Preeta is stupid, Sarla has a point of view and was rightful. She fought with Mahira for a right reason.

He is a married man, and no one else has a right to fast for him. He still blames Preeta who did not say a word downstairs. He laughs that Preeta already does not care even is someone is very close to him.

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