Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 13 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Karan’s call Bani takes a shocking step to ignite fire to herself & pass away.

From she’s going mad seeing the fights happening within the home. Karan & Rishabh run to block Bani. They safeguard Bani.

They shout on the families fighting & ruining the peace. They don’t need anybody to fight & problem Bani furthermore.

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Sarla gets questioned by Preeta. Preeta informs Sarla that Ramona & Mahira are all the time unfair, its best to not fight them. She desires Sarla to retain peace within the entire family. Sarla apologizes.

She informs her that she must haven’t calm when Bani desired to end the fight. She’s ashamed that Bani had taken her step due to her. She informs her that she has been just answering Ramona. Preeta informs that Shrishti shouldn’t provoke Sarla.

She informs them that fight got too bad that Bani changed heartbroken. She doesn’t need Bani to gain harmed. Shrishti informs that Bani has been also pretending the suicide trying to block them. Sarla doesn’t think Bani going to accomplish any drama like that.

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She informs that the right human doesn’t want anything. She feels Ramona has been shouting aloud to sound right to Luthra entire family. She requests Preeta why didn’t she tell her regarding Mahira’s fast.

Preeta informs that she came to know this sometime back. She requests Sarla not to talk to Mahira, in case Mahira does anything unfair & blames Karan, afterwards Karan may fall into problem. Sarla feels sorry. She’s happy to watch Preeta’s sensitivity.

Preeta imparts all this credit to Sarla for granting her values. She requests Sarla not to fight anybody within the Luthra entire family & let go Mahira’s issue. Sarla feels Karan is lucky to gain a personal life partner like Preeta.

She desires Preeta to smile & stay happy. She informs Preeta that its her 1st Karwachauth & she must celebrate it well. Sarla informs that she’ll apologize to Bani that she didn’t keep her respect. Ramona gets a headache. She desires to break Sarla’s head.

She informs Mahira that Sarla scolded her so much. She feels Bani had come in between with the melodrama. She desires to throw out Preeta & Sarla. Mahira informs Ramona that she’ll keep Karwachauth fast. She informs that she’s Karan’s spouse.

She requests Mahira to just take an advantage of her fast. Mahira requests her to give ideas. Ramona teaches her to fool Karan & gain him on her side. She requests Mahira to gain Karan close to her.

Mahira desires to snatch Karan from Preeta. She utilizes Karwachauth as a weapon. Ramona informs that she could take avenge on Preeta. Sherlyn learns Ramona’s schedule. Mahira informs them that Preeta won’t have any idea what going to happen next.

She gratitude Ramona for the lovely schedule. Ramona informs that she’ll accomplish a drama & apologize to Bani so that Bani supports them. She desires Preeta’s personal life to gain destroyed. Sherlyn desires Rishabh to gain heartbroken.

Rishabh is much wound that Bani had taken a unfair step. He desires her to assure that she’ll never accomplish this. Bani apologizes to him. She assures to take care of herself. Rishabh informs that he loves her a lot. He hugs Bani.

Karan too scolds Bani for handling the status in a unfair way. Bani doesn’t need him to tell this incident to Rakhi. Bani informs them that she didn’t wish any fight to happen within the home. Ramona apologizes to Karan & Bani.

She informs that she doesn’t need Mahira to harm herself. Rishabh informs that the entire family going to look after Mahira. Karan & Rishabh wonder in case Ramona has been actually feeling sorry.

Bani informs that Ramona actually doesn’t care for her. Sarla comes next to apologize to Bani. Sarla is emotional that Bani would’ve got seriously wound. Sarla informs Bani that she has been much unfair, she must haven’t shouted & fought ahead of Bani.

She requests Bani why did she take such a step. She desires Bani to stay safe. She has been scared seeing Bani trying to harm herself. She sheds tears & shows her genuine worry for Bani. She doesn’t need Bani to gain wound.

She heartily regrets for her actions. Bani, Rishabh & Karan gain persuaded that Sarla is genuinely feeling sorry, unlike Ramona. Karan informs Sarla that its not her error. Rishabh requests Sarla not to feel guilty.

Karan informs that Sarla wasn’t unfair, Ramona had provoked her to argue. He believes that Sarla is right. Sarla is glad that Karan is supporting her. Karan hugs Sarla. Bani informs that she’s witnessed a lot & is tired as of now.

She desires to take rest. Rishabh informs that Bani is soft hearted. He’s proud that Karan has managed Sarla well. Karan believes that Mahira is making all this problems. He doesn’t need to keep Mahira house.

Ramona schedules to murder Sarla & show her right place. Mahira informs Sherlyn that she’ll snatch Preeta’s rights. Karan informs Preeta that he isn’t upset with Sarla, who fought for the right reason. He accepts his own marriage with Preeta.

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