Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sanju Telling Prachi That She Going to Leave This Globe Because Of Her Love.

He States You Going to Also Burn With Ravan & I Going to Watch You Burning & Nobody Could Hear Your Screams In The Blasts.

He States Sita Repatriates With Ram In Dussera, However In This Dussera, Sita Going to Gain Burnt With Ravan Today. Sanju’s Friend Requests Him To Leave Her. Sanju Requests Him To Go & See In case Ranbir Got Prepared With The Arrow & Bow.

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He States In case You Don’t Go Afterwards I Going to Tie You Here Too. His own Friend Goes. Sanju States I Am Granting You Last Opportunity, In case You Need To Come With Me Afterwards Nods Your Head, Else No.

He Requests Her To Tell That She Going to Come With Him & States I Love You Quite Much. His own Friend Comes & Informs That Pandit Ji Has Set Fire On The Arrow, Ranbir Could Shoot The Arrow In Anytime.

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Take Her Out Else You Both Going to Pass away. Sanju Requests Prachi To Hear What His own Friend Stated & States Happy Dussera To Prachi. Ranbir Gets Prepared To Shoot The Arrow.

Prachi Is Stunned & Cries. Sanju Requests Bittu To Come With Him. They Leave. Prachi Imagines She Would Have Tell Him I Love You. Ranbir Fires The Arrow, However It Doesn’t Hit Ravan.

He States Don’t Really know What Is Happening? Pallavi States I Could Know Well, You Are Thinking That In case Ravan Dahan Doesn’t Happen, Afterwards You Going to Not Gain Involved. Sanju Takes Aaliya To Side.

Aaliya Requests Just how Dare You, Didn’t You Go Until As of now & Where Is Prachi? Sanju States She Is Inside Ravan & Going to Gain Burn Today.

He States I Really know Prachi Before Ranbir Really know Her & I Won’t Let Becomes In case Anybody Else. He States In case She Could’t Be Mine Afterwards She Could’t Be Of Anybody Else & Wishes Her Happy Dussera.

Aaliya Hears Everything & States Happy Dussera. She Comes Back & Imagines This Is The Finest Ravan Dahan, Prachi’s Ravan Dahan.

Ranbir Imagines Even My Love Knows What I Need, & That’s Why Arrow Is Not Shot. Rhea Imagines In case Ravan Ends, Afterwards Prachi Going to Also End.

Prachi Wishes To Meet Her Papa & Imagines In case He Had Being Here Afterwards He Would Have Saved Me. She States Maa Utilized To Tell That Kiara Didi Utilized To Call Him Super Person & Imagines He Would Have Saved Her. Abhi Searches For Prachi. Sanju Requests Bittu To Unlock Any Car To Flee From There.

They Are Regarding To Flee On The Two-wheeler, When Abhi Catches Bittu & Requests Him Regarding Prachi. Bittu Informs That She Is Inside The Ravan. Abhi Imagines To Call Vikram & Requests Regarding Stopping The Ravan Dahan, However His own Phone Falls Down In The Pit. Ranbir Aims Arrow In The Ravan.

Aaliya Imagines Nobody Going to Really know Just how Prachi Passed away, I Have Witnessed The Dreams With Intensity & They Going to Fulfil. Vikram & Mitali Inquire Ranbir To Shoot The Arrow In The Ravan’s Navel.

Ranbir Shoots The Arrow In The Ravan & It Begins Burning. Abhi Is Approaching There. Ranbir Fires An Arrow In Ravan’s Head.

They Say Jai Shri Ram. Abhi Sees Her Inside & Shouts Prachi. Prachi Imagines Papa Haven’t Come, However Mehra Sir Had come, He Is Like My Papa. He Runs Inside & Opens The Rope To Free Prachi. Prachi Requests Him To Go & States Ravan Could Blast In Anytime. Abhi States I Have Lost My Daughter Once & Could’t Lose Her Again.

Prachi Collides With Bittu. Bittu States Sorry & Goes. Pragya Comes To The Ravan & Imagines In case Someone Tied Prachi Inside & Recalls Aaliya Getting Her Tied Inside & Abhi Rescuing Her. Dadi States She Is Feeling Not well & Sits. Pragya Tries To Go Inside The Ravan.

However The Security Guards Block Her. Abhi Requests Prachi To Go Out, However She Rejects & Calls For Support.

Pragya Requests The Guards To Know That Her Daughter In Inside. Prachi Comes Out & Hugs Pragya. Abhi Comes There & Looks In Them. Just Afterwards Ravan’s Burning Wood Falls Down On Abhi.

Pragya & Prachi Run To Him. Pragya Shouts For Support. Ranbir, Rhea & Everybody Rush To Support Him. Ranbir Moves The Wood Log From Abhi.

Aaliya States Bhai….Ranbir & Pragya Take Abhi To Side. Pragya Requests Him To Open Their own Eyes & Requests Someone Please Call The Ambulance. Raj Calls The Ambulance. Pragya Requests Him To Gain Up.

Prachi Notices Abhi Holding Her Hand. Aaliya Requests Are You Okay Bhai? Abhi Gains Consciousness & Gets Up.

He States Someone Abducted Prachi & Tied Her Inside The Ravan’s Mannequin. Vikram Requests Who Have been They? Prachi States Sanju & His own Friend Bittu. Abhi Informs Prachi That He Going to Not Leave Sanju.

Ranbir Goes To Call Police. Prachi Hugs Abhi. Rhea Gets Upset & Goes From There. Pragya Looks In Abhi. Rhea Goes To The Ravan Upset.

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Ongoing Updates: 16th November 2024 / (16-11-2020)

First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Kumkum Bhagya Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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