Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 13th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 13 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 13th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Ram states I’ll tell you everything.

Really.. Sushela states gain out. Why are you here? Ram states ma.. Dulari states he’s my spouse & no 1 could block a spouse from speaking to her spouse.

You & Koyal kicked me out of my home. I deserve to really know. Ram states she’s my spouse. You could’t handle her like that. It’s her right on me.

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Sushela states why would I talk ahead of outsiders. Ram states she’s my spouse. She deserves to really know the fact. Tell her why you did it. She states you did it. You broke the deal. Dulari states deal.

Sushela states your sister has been to marry Koyal’s brother on condition tht you’ll marry Koyal. You stated yes. They inquired us for amount when your sister liked that person. We didn’t have amount for a dowry.

So we fixed your marriage with Koyal to safeguard dowry amount. You have been involved on your sister’s wedding day. However you got so blind in Dulari’s love that you put your sister’s marriage in stake & wedded this Dulari.

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Ram states just how can I marry someone I didn’t love? Neither of us would be happy. She states what regarding your sister’s happiness? Ram states I’ll locate a resolution however I could’t create a issue for Dulari anyore. She’s my spouse.

I love her. He holds her hand & states no 1 could part us. Never. Sushela parts their own hand. She states you’ve to separate. Because.. It’s complex. Dulari states tell us the issue. I’ll fight any issue. Sushela states I made a error.

She has been on the way with her spouse. He stated let me drive. Sushela stated I’ll drive. They have been on the road. Sushela stated jeth ji doesn’t really know just how to drive. He stated in case bhai sahabb locates out we’re going to Ram’s home.

Bhai going to be so mad. She stated we’ll solve everything. We’ll fix it with Ram as well. He sneezed & stated where is your ghunghat? Sushela got scared. She hit someone. It has been Koyal’s brother.

Dulari states are you fine? Did you wound yourself? She states Koyal’s brother is wounded. As of now they stated they’ll send us to jail in case Ram doesn’t marry Koyal. Ram states I has been worried regarding that. Dulari states we could’t let them go to jail.

We’ve to safeguard mummy & papa. We’ve to accomplish what we never did. Koyal comes in. Dulari comes to Koyal. She states in case mummy ji & papa ji have to be saved from going to jail, I’m prepared to gain Koyal & Ram wedded.

Ram states what are you informing. Koyal holds Ram’s hand & states I gain what I need. Ram leaves her hand & states what are you doing? Dulari states in heart Ram is my spouse. I’ll take my spouse back.

Ram’s dad drinks tea. Sushela states take blessings before jeth ji comes. He states I give blessings each day. What for today? Koyal states Ram is finally prepared to marry me today. Give us blessings. He states however Ram you’re already wedded.

Koyal states this is the only way to safeguard you from jail. He sneezes. Jeth ji comes. They cover heads. He stands up in anger & states who did crash? When did it happen? Who did it? Sushela states I did. Koyal states Tao ji, mummy ji did the crash.

She has been coming here, due to you she’d to cover her head & she hit my brother. He states you died a person. Just how can you accomplish that? The other lady comes. She states where would a lady go? It’s Ram’s sister Menika.

She’s there with her luggage. Sushela states what happened? She states parents say in laws is your home & they inquire you to go house. Ladies keep detecting their own house. Jeth ji states tell me what happened?

Patang states to Dulari who lets their own spouse marry the other lady. Just how can you agree? Dulari states Koyal has threatened to send my parents in law to jail. Patang states you could’t donate your spouse for that. Dulari states you’re right.

I’ve to accomplish something. Dulari states I’ve a schedule. I taken Koyal’s home so I could keep an eye on her like she did on me. He states your spouse destroyed your happiness. Dulari slaps him & states she’s a mom. A mom could never be evil.

She all the time desires great for her children. She does everything for them. Go & set the home. Ram states what happened Menika? She states my MIL kicked me out of the home due to the crash.

Where can I go? Ram states you made a error however just how could they behave like this? Threatening you & kicked her out. What’s going on? Menika states they stated don’t enter this home till Koyal is wedded to Ram. Sushela states everything is destroyed.

Koyal states I’ll speak to my mom to take Menika back. Menika states that won’t solve anything. Jeth ji states I stated already this is marriage, not a deal that you could give & take. You both have destroyed this entire family’s respect.

He states when a wedded lady lives in her dad’s home, neighbours talk. This is regarding the respect & the name of my house. as of now I’ll gain Koyal & Ram wedded & send Menika return to her house. ram states listen. Jeth ji states what I stated is all. Ram states listen to what I’ve to say. This is blackmailing. We’ve to locate the other resolution. I love Dulari, she’s my spouse. Marriage isn’t a joke. I’m sorry.

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Ongoing Updates: 13th November 2024 / (13-11-2020)

First episode date: 5 October 2024
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy
Networks: Zee TV

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Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare Cast:

  • Nikhil Khurana as Ram
  • Jyothi Sharma as Dulari
  • Shiny Dixit
  • Shamin Mannan as Koyal

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