Kumkum Bhagya 24 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Sarita Asks Pragya To Call Prachi’s Father

Within the next daily episode of the show, Kumkum Bhagya we’ll watch just how Ranbir’s family (4) is extremely happy & relieved to be house again. Aryan states that Rahul helped them by disclosing the fact however Vikram informs everybody that it’s indeed Prachi who’s the hero, heroine & a superwoman for them as she put her own personal life on stake to safeguard Ranbir. Rhea overhears this discussion. Ranbir furthermore sums to Prachi’s praises & states that she’s his own ‘1 true’ friend. Pallavi also states that Prachi is an angel with wings! Rhea gets extrremely jelous. Thereafter, Dadi & Vikram debate that Ranbir must have a lady like Prachi in his own personal life. Vikram suggests that they must inquire Prachi to marry Ranbir & afterwards threatens Dadi over going to Prachi’s home without consulting him.

Furthermore, we watch just how Rhea cries out aloud & feels sad regarding Ranbir loving Prachi. She locates out that Aryan & Ranbir conceal their own beer on the terrace & that Ranbir is going to propose Prachi with a red rose on Rose day. She steals the beer bottles & gets drunk. Aliya locates her crying alone & feels sad for her. She informs her that she’d gain something to eat as she looks extrtemely drunken. Rhea states she’d be alone forever.

On the different hand, Pragya yells in everybody to have left without telling her anything regarding the wedding. Sarita, Shahana & Prachi all inquire for Pragya’s forgiveness. Thereafter, Sarita informs her to call Prachi’s dad as he’d be able to advise her & this would ease Pragya’s tension. Ranbir arrives Prachi’s room & brings a rose for her. They distribute a romantic moment.

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